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Hello and welcome to Here you will find all kinds of Skype related tricks, tips, articles and downloads.

Most probably you have come here to download the program. In the right there are buttons leading to different versions of Skype. Finding the most recent version is easy, but here we have some old versions as well.

In Chat4o you will also find interesting Skype tricks. Check them out! You can learn something fun about Skype that you did not know.

The most popular ones are the Skype emoticons and the tool for drawing with them. Other cool ones are about using two Skypes with the help of the free software SkypeLauncher and also the post about starting Skype from the browser.

Skype 6.14 – Download

Skype logoOn February 19, 2014 the 6.14 version of Skype for Windows Desktop was released. The major change is the addition of new hidden emoticons. Check out the post for more changes, a download link and some screenshots.

Skype 6.13 – Download

Skype logoOn January 22 the 6.13 version of Skype for Windows Desktop was released. There are no significant changes, except for several bug fixes. Check out the post to see some of them or to download the program.

Skype 6.11 – Download

Skype logoThe 6.11 version of Skype for Windows desktop brings us a number of bug fixes. At least I assume that these are the only changes. This time there were no release notes published on, so we can't know for sure.

Skype 6.10 – Download

Skype logoThe 6.10 version of Skype for Windows desktop has been out for some time now. The main change is the sign-in screen. Read more and see screenshots in the post. You can also download the program, or leave a comment.

Your app will stop working with Skype starting in December 2013

Skype Desktop API will stop workingThe message from the title began appearing in the 6.9 version and is affecting all programs that connect to Skype via the so called Desktop API. In this article I have shared everything I know on the subject.

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