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Skype Problems

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Your app will stop working with Skype starting in December 2013

Skype Desktop API will stop workingThe message from the title began appearing in the 6.9 version and is affecting all programs that connect to Skype via the so called Desktop API. In this article I have shared everything I know on the subject.

Skype KERNEL32.dll error: Failed to get proc address for…

Skype errorIn this article we will talk about the popular problem related to Skype and KERNEL32.dll in Windows XP. Basically the solution is to update Windows and let it install Service Pack 3. Without it the Windows is lacking a function required by Skype 6.7 (or higher).

How to Recover Lost Skype Contacts?

Missing contactsSometimes, after an update for example, Skype is not showing your contacts. In this article you will see a few solutions to this problem. At the end I have included a tool that can show you a list of your missing contacts.

People Can’t Hear Me On Skype

Microphone is not workingPeople can't hear you during a Skype call? This could be caused by a number of different things. In this article I will guide you through the steps you need to take in order to find and eliminate the problem.

Skype Error: Disk I/O error. Right-click the Skype icon …

ErrorSometimes, usually when we try to start more than one Skype at the same time, we get a disk I/O error. In this article I have described several solutions that will help you deal with the problem. For further assistance leave a comment.

How to Reset a Lost Skype Password

Skype PasswordIf you have forgotten your Skype password, then take a look at this article. I have described the step by step process that will help you recover/change your password via the password reset request page on the official Skype website.

Skype Error: Unexpected response from server received

Skype Extras ManagerIn this article we will take a look at one problem, that is related to the Extras Manager in Skype. Two errors appear, the first one states: Unexpected response from server received and the second one: Checking for available licenses.

Why I Can’t Hear People On Skype?

No soundPeople hear you on Skype, but you can't hear them during a call? This could be caused by a lot of things actually. In this article you can see how to find out more about the problem and what to do in order to solve it.

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