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Skype Tricks

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How to Make Our Skype Profile Picture Different From a Square?

PictureIf you are using relatively new version of Skype and you try to change your profile picture, you will notice that it is always cropped down to a square. In the same time some of your contacts have rectangle avatars. How is this possible? Check out this trick to see the answer.

ASCII Art for Skype

TextHere you will find many interesting text pictures that I gathered from various websites on the web. They are made from different ASCII symbols, that together make a fun image (like a face or an animal for example).

How to Disable the Instant Message Notifications for One Contact in Skype?

Turning off the notifications for instant (chat) messages in SkypeHere is how you can make Skype stop notifying you about instant (chat) messages from a given contact in your list. This will happen without blocking him and you will actually still receive the messages.

Skype Avatars (858 of them)

AvatarWant to download some awesome Skype avatars? I have collected here 858 avatar images, that you can easily download in one archive file. I have also included instructions on how to change your avatar in Skype, just in case you need some help with that.

How to Delete a Contact From the Blocked Contacts List in Skype?

Delete a contactTake a look at this article if you are wondering how to remove a Skype contact from the blocked contacts list without unblocking him. In fact this is impossible, but if we apply a small trick we will accomplish the desired effect.

Skype Emoticon Country Flags List

Skype country flagsThe country flags are part from all the hidden emoticons in Skype. Since there are a lot of them I have listed them here separately from the other icons. To use them just send the flag code (flag:XX) as a chat text message.

How to record a Skype call into an MP3 file?

RecordingWith the help of this article you will be able to easily record any of your audio Skype calls and save them as an MP3 file. We are going to use the free program MP3 Skype Recorder. The maximum quality is 192 bitrate.

How to Disable the Updates in Skype?

Automatic UpdatesYou can check out this article If you don't want to let Skype update automatically. Here you will find instructions on how to stop the updates in all the various versions, even if there is no such option available.

Delete Skype Chat History for Only One Contact

Delete chat historyIn this article I will show you a way to delete your Skype chat history for only a single contact. Since this feature is not available in the Skype options, we will use a free program to edit some database files on your computer.

Home Video Surveillance with Skype

WebcamIf you have a webcam on your computer you can use Skype to create something like a home video surveillance system for free. You will be using a second Skype account that is set up to automatically receive video calls. Keep reading for detailed instructions.

How to Change the Skype Icon?

Skype iconAre you tired from your old Skype desktop icon? In this article I will not only show you exactly how to change it but i will also give you an archive with many new and cool ones to use for free. Follow the steps and you will be done in no time.

Chat Commands in Skype

Skype CommandsNot many people know about the chat commands and roles in Skype. They all start with "/" and are followed by a keyword. Check out some of the more useful ones in this post. There is also a link to a full list of them.

Skype Emoticon Art Drawing Tool – Make Smiley Pictures

Skype Emoticon Art Drawing ToolHave you heard about those Skype pictures made from emoticons? They are made with tools similar to the one I developed. It is free and requires no registration. It uses the new emoticons. It's very fun, you need to check it out.

Display Current Song As Your Skype Mood

Song as moodDo you want to have an interesting and unique Skype mood? One option is to display the song you are listening to as your mood. In this article we will take a look at a way to do that. We are going to use the free Skype plugin ON AIR.

Hotkeys in Skype

HotkeysLike many other programs, Skype also has shortcut key combinations, also known as hotkeys, which can make your work easier and faster. In this article we will see how to activate and use the hotkeys in Skype.

How To Use Skype From A Browser? - logoI will show you how to use Skype through the browser without installation and downloading of anything. This is very useful if you are in a computer without Skype and you do not have permissions to install additional software.

How To Delete Skype History

Deleting historySkype saves all chat messages, that you ever sent and receive on your computer. They are stored in special files, so you can browse them later. If for any reason you need to delete your Skype chat history, then here is how to do that.

How To Make A WeeMee Avatar For Skype?

WeeMeeHere is how you can make your own copy in the form of a WeeMee avatar. With a huge amount of settings you can personalize your Skype WeeMee avatar so much, that it will pretty much look like you. Just follow the steps.

How To Backup Our Skype Contacts?

Skype ContactsSince Skype 1.2 the information about your Skype contact list is stored safely on a remote server and this is why we may say that it is OK not to backup your contacts. But just in case, it is not a bad idea to do that.

How to Make a Fun Skype Language File?

Fun fileAll the text all over the interface of Skype is stored in a special file called a language file. But we have the power to edit it and make a totally fun and crazy messages and labels all over Skype. Here is how you can do that step by step :).

How To Save Your Skype History?

Save Skype historyThe Skype history includes every chat message, call or file sending you have ever made from your computer. Take a look at this article in order to learn how to save it even after you reinstall your operating system.

Delete Skype Name From Login Screen

Delete Skype NameDo you know that your skype name is visible on every computer you have ever logged in? In this article we will see how to delete a Skype name from the login screen. This will work on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7.

Skype Emoticon Pictures

Emoticon starOn this page you will find the most fun pictures made from skype emoticons. It is easy to take their code and paste it in the skype chat window. There is also a image preview for each one. Also see where there are many more pictures like these.

Skype Emoticons + New Hidden Smileys in Skype 6.14, 5.9 and 5.5

Fun EmoticonMaybe you have heard that in Skype there are more emoticons than we can see in the menu. Well, I want to assure you that the rumors are true :). Check out this article if you want to see all hidden emoticons in Skype.

Two Skypes On One Computer

Two SkypesHave you ever needed more than one Skype? Maybe your PC is used by more that one person. In this article you will see how to open more than one Skype at the same time on your computer. Tested in many Windows versions.

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