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Important message! [May 17, 2013] – For some time now, all versions below 3.8 are not working (some people even report the same for 3.8). When we sign in we are forced to update for security reasons.

I know that many people are still using old versions of Skype, especially the 3.x versions. For example, Skype 3.8 continues to be quite popular.

There was a time when Skype 3.8 did not work correctly with earlier versions of Windows 7, and this is why I decided to upload Skype 3.6 here and make this page. It was found that the 3.6 version can work properly with Windows 7. At the moment Skype 3.8 is working with Windows 7, even though it is showing a message that they are not compatible.

But just in case you have any problems with 3.8 try using Skype 3.6. If you have stumbled upon this page by accident and you are looking for another version of Skype, please choose one from our Download Skype category. And below you will find some new features that skype 3.6 has, and also some screenshots of the programs interface.

What is new in Skype 3.6?

  • Video calls with high quality
  • New features in Skype API
  • Improved sound for users with slow internet speed
  • Connecting a MySpace account with your Skype account

Skype 3.6 screenshots

List of contacts in skype 3.6
List of contacts in skype 3.6
Chat window
Chat window
General options in skype 3.6
General options in skype 3.6
Edit profile
Edit profile
Finding new users
Finding new users

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  1. Thanks! It WORKED! Yeeey! I tried with 3.8 version but couldn’t geti it to load (changed permissions and a few other things).

    Thanks again!

  2. @Yasmin
    Hi. You need to install it. If you have downloaded it from our site, you first need to extract it and then double click to install. Follow the steps. Ask a friend to help you if you are not familiar with computer stuff :).

  3. Hi I used Skype 3.8 but it seemed that it is still slow for my internet connection. I’m trying Skype 3.6 now, still downloading but I hope it would give me a much more clearer and faster video calls and share screens too…

  4. Starting early May I encounterd this same problem – that Skype would demand an update for “security reasons” (I use v3.60248). I got around this by blocking Skype’s access to IP
    However, this morning Skype stopped working entirely.
    Is there any solution or is this the end of v3.6?

  5. @mh505
    Hi. I don’t know a way around this. Also I am not looking for one though. I don’t want to work against Skype on this one. But probably this time it is the end :D.

  6. @Nero
    Hi. I can’t get it to work anywhere. It says that for security reasons we need to upgrade. That is why I put the blue message at the top of the post.

  7. @bb
    Hi. Do an advanced mode uninstall with the program revo uninstaller. Then try again. This will remove all files related to the program. They often get errors.

  8. What error you are getting and what version are you using? The ones below 6.14 are being retired.

  9. sir i am using windos xp and ur sky pe 3.6 but its shows cant conect , i love Finding new users in sky pe 3.6 im use to 3.8 but i cant instal it plz help e i wana use Finding new users to find new friends

  10. hellp sir, thx for ur answer… can i use the tool like ,Finding new users in sky pe 3.6 and 3.8..its not avilable in new versions , so is there any tric to find online conts , i like to add new ppl or is there any free softwear to add online ppl

  11. I am sorry, I do not know a way to do that. There were some kind of patched/hacked versions of old skype that work at some point, but I am not following these kind of stuff anymore and can’t really say what is going on there.

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