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June 14th is the official release date of Skype 5.10 for Windows. You can download it from the blue button to the right where it says Download Skype 5.10.

The most noticeable new feature is the ability to add favorite contacts. At the top of your contact list there is an area where you can easily drag and drop contacts. They will become your favorite contacts and will always remain at the top. This provides you very quick access to your best buddies in Skype.

Actually the area where we can drag contacts was visible only the first time I opened Skype 5.10. In order to make a favorite contact after that you need to right click on it and choose Add to favorites.

I really like this feature and I have turn 6 of my contacts into favorite contacts :). Actually there were grouping options before 5.10 as well but now things are even better.

What is new in Skype 5.10?

  • Ability to add favorite contacts.
  • Skype and Facebook contacts are merged in one list.
  • Easier to understand Premium subscription messages.
  • Ability to change the video call rendering technology. This will resolve issues with some older video cards.
  • The “video in mood” option is removed.
  • A variety of bugs are fixed. For example: Skype used to crash if it is turned of during a screen sharing session, if someone sent you a file with a name in Korean it did not display correctly, sometimes the Call Monitor did not close after the end of the call etc.

Screenshots of Skype 5.10

Favorite contacts

Favorite contacts

Skype Home

Skype Home

General Settings

General Settings

Edit profile

Edit profile

Search and add contacts

Search and add contacts

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