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Skype 6.10 for Windows desktop is out (for some time now). The most noticeable change is the new sign-in screen.

Before we see the fields for the user and the password, now we have the option to choose to sign-in with a Microsoft account.

It is just one more unnecessary step, if you ask me. It is good that our choice is remembered and we actually have to make it only once.

New sign-in screen in Skype 6.10 for Windows desktop

What is new in Skype 6.10?

  • New sign-in screen.
  • An upgrade of the video library for video calls, that will improve the quality. (Both sides must be with the new version in order to use this new library).
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Screenshots of Skype 6.10

New sign-in screen

New sign-in screen

Chat window in Skype 6.10

Chat window in Skype 6.10

General settings

General settings

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    ashfaquemohammad says:

    i want skype for using v chat

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi. It has video calls, if that is what mean.

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