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On February 19, 2014 the new Skype 6.14 for Windows Desktop was released .

The most significant change in this version is the addition of several new hidden emoticons. On the other hand, some of the more naughty ones are removed. Among the removed icons is the one that gives the finger, which was one of the favorite ones for many people.

On the following page you can see the full emoticon list – the new and the old ones.

What is new in Skype 6.14?

  • New secret emoticons added: (talktothehand) (idea) (sheep) (cat) (bike) (dog) (captain) (bucky) (blackwidow) (nickfury) (shielddeflect).
  • Inappropriate smileys are removed: (finger) (fubar) (wtf) (hollest).
  • Spell-checking and auto-correction functionality added for Windows 8/8.1 users (to turn it on use the Windows settings).
  • Fixed bugs and stability improvements.

Screenshots of Skype 6.14

Chat window in Skype 6.14 and new emoticons

Chat window in Skype 6.14 and new emoticons

Home Page

Home Page

General Settings

General Settings

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7 responses on this post

    Dingsbums says:

    The removal of the most important smileys suck. And that :3 now becomes a cat. How (wtf) are they? (finger)

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    People love cats :)

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    CHRIS says:

    why is censorship now imposed on happy faces

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    youssef says:

    i have a cam but it doesn’t work in the last version when i used the old version it works

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi. Try 6.14.

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    mohamed says:

    hi nikolay how are you i have problem in skype 3.8 i want use 3.8 but Does not open What can be done now do you have solution tell me plizz

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi. Old versions are retired and do not work anymore. There were some hacked versions at some point that worked but I am not really following these stuff anymore.

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