Skype Button For Your Website Or Blog

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Skype ButtonIf you have a website or a blog, you can make a Skype button and put it somewhere on your page. When your visitors click the button, a call or a chat with you will be started. Read below to see how to make one.

In Short

Visit the page for creating a Skype button, fill the form and put the HTML code on your website. You also need to change your privacy settings so people outside your contact list can contact you.

In Details

  1. Visit the page for creating a Skype button.
  2. Fill in your Skype name in the first field.
  3. Choose the function of the button in the second step.
  4. Choose the color and size from the drop-down menus.
  5. Copy the HTML code and paste it on the place in your website, where you want it to show.
  6. In order to be possible for everyone to reach you, you have to allow this in the settings of Skype. Sign in the program and from the menu go to: Tools -> Options -> Privacy.
  7. Here choose anyone below Allow calls from… (if you made a calling button) or below Allow IMs from… (if you made a button for chatting).
  8. Save the settings.

Privacy settings required for the Skype buttons

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  1. @Guest_SkypeMaster
    Hi. If you make a button that shows your status, the status changes automatically, yes.

  2. @nadine
    Hi. What do you mean? I check for new comments around 1-2 times a day (if that is what you are asking :)).

  3. @b.vignesh
    Hi. Follow the steps in the article and everything should be OK. If there are any questions and something does not work, let me know.

  4. hey bro..just need some help..Skype site is blocked any other way to get this button for my blog?

  5. @Shafa
    Hi. You can use code similar to this:
    <a href=”skype:skype_name_here?call”><img src=”image_path_here” /></a>
    Fill in the Skype name, the image and the action, instead of call it could be chat for example to start a chat or few others.

  6. Hiya the site has changed and the simple buttons are more complicated please help!!

  7. @GuestSkype_Master
    Hi. Thank you for letting me know. I will update the article when I can. I haven’t yet researched it well enough but at first glance it seems that you can copy the code in the gray area and replace the yellow part with your Skype name.

  8. You can try to place (paid service) live chat consultant button on website and talk with visitors using Skype. In this case visitors must not have Skype to talk with you, they will do conversation through P3chat widget chat window directly on your page.

  9. @Pavel
    Hi. Even though your comment could be considered to be spam I decided to approve it since it could be useful. I haven’t heard for this kind of service. Thanks for mentioning it. I did add to you comment that it is a paid service though.

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