1. Hi! I love smileys…Hopefully you could add more smileys…Unique, cool, and funny smileys.


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  2. @Cynphanie
    Hi. Thanks for the comment. If Skype make new ones (and I find out about it) I will add them :). Regards.

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  3. It Will be nice if you add some bigger ones but not everything bigger just bigger from the sides like 20 X 30 or 20 X 40 :P

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  4. @Heros5k
    Hi. Yeah, I guess I could do that. I will write this down with my other “things to do for the site”, but keep in mind it is not a high priority one. Thanks for the comment :).

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  5. @Riaan
    Hi. Thanks for the feedback :). Unfortunately I don’t allow these codes to be posted in the comments, since they take up a lot of space. I will be making in the future a special place in the site where people can share their art :). But for now I am working on other things for the site.

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  6. @Edward
    Hi, thanks for the feedback :).

    Hi. Sorry but I don’t allow emoticon codes in the comments. They take up a lot of space. I will make in the future a special place in the site for them :).

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  7. Hi Nikolay,
    Awesome hidden icons!! Thanks for putting it up! I was wondering how to design a custom emoticon. What i have in mind is something like Eric Cartman in South Park. Me and my friends would love using that hand sign.. Help if possible :)

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  8. @Arvind
    Hi. Thanks for the comment. As far as I know it is not possible to make your own emoticon and add it in Skype. This is what you are trying to do, yes? (Sorry, I did not get what you said about a hand sign.)
    By the way Cartman is the best :D.

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  9. This is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Showed all my friends and now they wanna know how to do it. Like I’m going to tell them.

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  10. @Plz Tell ME
    Hi. You can make 20 by 20 with this tool by changing the setting. There is no point of making bigger then this since they will not fit in the Skype windows and therefor the person that receives them will not see them correctly (each line/row will take two or more lines/rows).

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  11. Hi! Sorry I didn’t answer you all this time. The bug got fixed right after I left you the comment. On top of all that Happy new year! Wish all the best in 2013, much joy, happiness and success in life. =]

    Ryx, Bulgaria.

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  12. @Ryx
    Hi, fellow Bulgarian :P. Thanks. I wish you everything awesome as well ;).

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  13. Nice man really nice, just can u explain a little more about an image upload and how to do it, thanks in advance. :)

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  14. @Ghost
    Hi. There are instructions in the emoticon palette where it says:
    Emoticonize an image! How?
    Point with the mouse on How? and you can see them. If you need further info let me know. And use only simple images. (Sorry if you already saw these instructions :))
    Regards :)

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  15. Trying to upload a .jpg file that is 32 pixels by 32 pixels and I get the following error: The width and height of the image have to be between 15 and 1000px.

    I am within the range for both width and height. What’s wrong?

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  16. @Zach
    Hi. Thanks for letting me know. I tried with a few images with that size and type and it worked for me. Can you send me the image on email admin at chat4o.com so I can test further?

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  17. I figured it out: Your tool does not like Icons. You have to convert Icons to .bmp to lose the transperancy and then convert the .bmp to .jpg so the tool will accept it. I now have an old school Mario emoticon. Doesn’t really look like him, but still cool.

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  18. @Zach
    Cool :).
    About the transparency, it should display an error about it if you upload a transparent PNG file. The other type that can be transparent is GIF and it is not supported at all for the moment. It should again display another error about the gif.
    But jpg or jpeg cannot have transparency so they should all work.

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  19. Hey I’m just wondering I got an email from Skype saying its going to close down. Is it really going to close down on march?

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  20. Hey, about the drawing tool, could you put all smiles and flags. Тhat would be great! THANKS!

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  21. @Domi1
    Hi. Turns out that the flags are actually a different size, so they “break” the picture. This is why they are not here.

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  22. Suggestion here:
    I think you should add a clear button so you don’t have to refresh.
    Also add an undo button plus a redo!!!

    That is all i have for suggestions.

    xox Skype_Master

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  23. I was wondering if you could make the art work more customize-able like allow us go up to 50×50 but we put in like 10×50 if we wanted that size instead of just a square. It is cool to do it this way since doing it by hand takes a lot of time but it would be a cool feature to add.

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  24. Thanks for the suggestions guys. They are definitely possible. I am writing them down and I will do them when I can. Can’t promise it’ll be soon though. The one by Zack will require some fundamental changes.

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  25. @ThisGuy
    Hi. I program only on the web. I am not familiar with Desktop programming, which is needed to do a PC program.

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  26. Great! Though sometimes the last two rows do not work, so i have to edit my msg on Skype so it doesn’t look like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo :p

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  27. @Amber
    Hi. Thanks for letting me know. Can you tell me how to recreate the problem with the last 2 rows? Do you remember what you did and when the problem occurred? This will help me find it :).
    Also how exactly they do not work? Is there now new line or do they appear with different emoticons or something else?

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  28. Hey! This is an awesome app. I use it a lot to amaze my friends. I got a question for you, though. Do you think it would be possible to make an upgrade and allow, for example, a 30×30 drawing? Sometimes it’s hard to make a complete drawing because of the lack of space.

    Regards ;)

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  29. @Hirnastar
    Hi. I am glad that you like it. Unfortunately there is no more space in the Skype window itself. Even at full screen more than 20 never fit and the image becomes broken.

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