How Does Skype Make Money?

Money bagWhen you hear the word Skype, you immediately imagine the wonderful and totally free VoIP service that we all use. It is popular all around the world and it has very high quality. Everybody with an internet connection can use Skype for free and make a call to anyone with Skype, internet and a computer. There are even free video calling, file sending and other cool features.

How so?

But how Skype can offer all this and not charge us anything? Where is the catch? Actually there is no catch. All these features listed above are really completely free.

But Skype is surely not working for nothing. The basic idea in their business is that each and every user of their free services (yes you too) is a potential future customer of their paid services. The rising number of free users leads to more paid users as well.

Paid services!?

I thought that Skype is free? Well, it is, at least part of its features. Skype offers many paid services as well. For example, if you pay you can make really cheap calls from Skype to a normal land line phone or a mobile phone. All you need to do is buy Skype credits or make a paid subscription.

Other paid features are: SMS sending, buying an online number, that redirects to your Skype and is accessible from different parts of the world, activating voice mail, a Skype To Go™ number, on which people can call from any phone or GSM all around the world, making conference video calls and so on.

The success of Skype

Skype has a huge amount of users of their free services. They are already familiar with the interface and even all their friends are using it. This makes it that much easier to decide to try the paid services. This along with the really good prices and quality services, leads to huge earnings for Skype.

Skype continues to grow and to increase its customers and users. Now it delivers 13% from all international calls in the World! This number keeps growing each year too. Another number that grows is their profit for each quarter, which by the way is with 9 figures.

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