Category Skype Tricks

ASCII Art for Skype

TextHere you will find many interesting text pictures that I gathered from various websites on the web. They are made from different ASCII symbols, that together make a fun image (like a face or an animal for example).

Skype Avatars (858 of them)

AvatarWant to download some awesome Skype avatars? I have collected here 858 avatar images, that you can easily download in one archive file. I have also included instructions on how to change your avatar in Skype, just in case you need some help with that.

Skype Emoticon Country Flags List

Skype country flagsThe country flags are part from all the hidden emoticons in Skype. Since there are a lot of them I have listed them here separately from the other icons. To use them just send the flag code (flag:XX) as a chat text message.

Home Video Surveillance with Skype

WebcamIf you have a webcam on your computer you can use Skype to create something like a home video surveillance system for free. You will be using a second Skype account that is set up to automatically receive video calls. Keep reading for detailed instructions.