Thank You

HeartOn this page I want to list (all) most things that have helped in some way for the creation of Chat4o. As a way to say thank you I will put a link to their websites.

First I want to thank Skype itself. Skype is not only awesome but if it did not exist then Chat4o would not exist as well.

Also I am thankful to the free CMS blog system called WordPress ( Chat4o is based on it and this means that I do not have to make the website from scratch. All the major features like creating posts, leaving comments and so on are in there.

Using WordPress I can also install any WordPress Theme (or template, or design) and then customize it and change it if I want. This is what I have done with the theme called Polished. It is a paid one and it is part from the Elegant Themes package subscription where I have purchased membership.

There are also tons of free plugins for WordPress. I want to thank to all of the programmers that are working on them and releasing them to the public for free. Initially I was going to link to every plugin page but since releasing publicly a list of all the plugins I use is not recommended for security reasons, I decided not to do that. (Sorry..)

Next in line is the web hosting provider HostGator. I am hosting the website there. Another hosting I use is Super Hosting. There I host all the downloadable program files and archives. I am pretty happy with both of them.

Also a big thanks to the designers of all the icons I use in the articles. A small part of them are my doing but most of them are either exact copy or some combination I have done using the free icons in the Icon Finder and Find Icons websites.

And finally I want to thank to you guys, all the Chat4o visitors. Thank you for using the website, for commenting, for rating, for Facebook liking and sharing for linking to my articles in the forums etc. It helps me a lot.

Regards :).