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Skype 6.14 – Download

Skype logoOn February 19, 2014 the 6.14 version of Skype for Windows Desktop was released. The major change is the addition of new hidden emoticons. Check out the post for more changes, a download link and some screenshots.

Skype 6.13 – Download

Skype logoOn January 22 the 6.13 version of Skype for Windows Desktop was released. There are no significant changes, except for several bug fixes. Check out the post to see some of them or to download the program.

Skype 6.11 – Download

Skype logoThe 6.11 version of Skype for Windows desktop brings us a number of bug fixes. At least I assume that these are the only changes. This time there were no release notes published on, so we can’t know for sure.

Skype 6.10 – Download

Skype logoThe 6.10 version of Skype for Windows desktop has been out for some time now. The main change is the sign-in screen. Read more and see screenshots in the post. You can also download the program, or leave a comment.

Skype 6.9 – Download

Skype logoSkype 6.9 is all about accessibility. Screen readers are now supported (first accessible mode has to be enabled) and high contrast visual settings are working too. Download the version and see some screenshots as well.

Skype 6.6 – Download

Skype logoOn the 3-rd of July 2013 came out the 6.6 version of Skype for Windows (desktop versions). There are no major changes. The most significant ones are related to the placement of the video message button. Except that there are several bugs and problems fixed..

Skype 6.5 – Download

Skype logoOn the 5-th of June 2013 Skype 6.5 for Windows (desktop versions) was released. The main new feature is the ability to record and send video messages. Several bugs were fixed as well. Read the post to see more information and screenshots.

Skype 6.3 – Download

Skype logoSkype 6.3 is out for some time now. This version doesn’t have any major changes. Some bugs are fixed and some various improvements are made. A new problem has also occurred – the birthday notifications are not working for now.

Skype 6.2 – Download

Skype logoSkype 6.2 was released on the 13th of February 2013. This version brings us the ability to send Skype credit as a birthday present. Another change is the option to choose the function of the Enter key while we are in chat.