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On the 5-th of June 2013 Skype released the 6.5 version of the program.

The most significant change is the new feature called video messaging. These video messages can be sent to a contact even if he is offline. In that case he will be able to watch them after he logs back in.

What is new in Skype 6.5?

  • Ability to record and send video messages. [Picture]
  • Accepting a request by another contact inside the chat window. [Picture]

Fixed issues

  • Birthday notifications were not working.
  • The button for canceling all files that are being transfered was not working.
  • When a file transfer was canceled it displayed as a successful transfer.
  • There was no notification if during a call the connection was lost.
  • Skype used to crash when we click on a contact that is offline and then we click on the ‘Call phones’ button.
  • Skype used to freeze sometimes on exit or when sending a file.
  • And more…

Screenshots of Skype 6.5

Sending a video message
Sending a video message
Accepting requests while in chat
Accepting requests while in chat
Skype Home in ver. 6.5
Skype Home in ver. 6.5

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  1. Hi.
    Is this a feature that sends messages when the person is online regardless if the sender if online? Because now both must be online.
    I am not familiar with this, but it seems that this was removed because of a big crash caused by it. At least this is what a Super User on the Skype forums says here:
    You can search more on the forums there and you may find if someone knows something more about that.

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