How to record a Skype call into an MP3 file?

Logo of MP3 Skype RecorderIn this Skype trick we will see how to record a Skype call and save it as an MP3 file. We will use the free application called MP3 Skype Recorder.

The program records the audio of both sides of the conversation and you can even choose the quality and the type of the recording. Just follow the simple steps bellow.

  1. Quit Skype.
  2. Download, install and start the free program MP3 Skype Recorder (Download from Chat4o or from the website of the program).
  3. Choose your settings.
         3.1. Make sure ON is selected.
         3.2. Choose a folder to store your recorded conversations, by clicking on the text field under Recordings destination folder.
         3.3. To change the startup options click on Recorder launch options.
         3.4. The last group of settings are for the sound quality.
  4. User interface of MP3 Skype Recorder

  5. Open Skype and sign-in with your username and password.
  6. Start a call. You can try with a friend or with a test call. The recording will start and stop automatically along with your call. To turn off recordings select OFF in the program and to close it click on Exit to the right.

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  3. this is an informative site.. but i would like to know… where do i go to listen to the conversation i had on skype??? where is it located and how do i play it?

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