Popular Chat Shortcuts And Acronyms

Chat ShortcutsIf internet chatting is something new to you, then you will without a doubt encounter some chat words that seem meaningless to you. But make no mistake, each and every one of them can be “decoded” into a longer meaningful word or phrase, that is very familiar to you. We can call these words – chat shortcuts or chat short words or chat acronyms (since many of them are actually acronyms).

In this article we will take a look at only a part of the most popular ones. There are many more. If you are new to internet chatting, you definitely need to take a look at this list, and even use it as a reference in the future.

1 – Won/One
1st – First
1dr – Wonder
10x – Thanks
2nd – Second
2day – Today
2 – To/Too/Two
3 – Could mean the letter E
4 – For/Four/The prefix or suffix -fore (B4 – Before)
8 – Ate
@ – At

ai – Artificial intellegence/Also the file extension for files of the program Adobe Illustrator.
afk – Away from keyboard – The person is not on the computer at this moment.
aka – Also known as
asl – Age, S**, Location – They are asking you for that basic information.

bb – Bye Bye
b4 – Before
bbl – Be back later
bbs – Be back soon
brb – Be right back
br – Best regards
bs – Bull S***
btw – By the way

c – See
cu/cya – See you

dunno – Don’t know

eg – Evil grin/For example

f2f – Face to Face
fr – Friend
ftw – For the win!
fu – F*** you
faq – Frequently asked question
fts – F*** this s***
fyi – For your information

g2g – Got to go
gr8 – Great
g/f or gf – Girlfriend
gmta – Great Minds Think Alike
gtr – Got to run

h5 – High five

idk – I don’t know
ic – I see
icq – I Seek You – I program a lot like Skype.
im – Instant Message
imho – In My Humble Opinion (or In My Honest Opinion)
imo – In My Opinion
irl – In real life
ily – I love you

jk – Just kidding

k/kk – OK

l8r – Later – See you later
lol – Laughing out loud
lmao – Laughing my a** off
lmfao – Laughing my f****** a** off
ly – Love you

me2 – Me too

n – No
n/a – Not available
np – No problem
noob, n00b – Newbie
nvm – Never mind

omg – Oh my god
omfg – Oh my f****** god
otw – On the way
osm – Awesome

pic – Picture – If you receive only this word, it could mean that the persons asks to see your real picture.
pls – Please
peeps – People

r – Are
rofl – Rolling on floor laughing
ru – Are you?

sry – Sorry
stfu – Shut the f*** up
sos – Same old s***/stuff
str8 – Straight
stpd – Stupid

tnx – Thanks
ty – Thank you
tc – Take care
tnt – ‘Til next time/Or the explosives named Trinitrotoluene :)
ttyl – Talk to you later

u – You

wazzup – What’s up
wlcm – Welcome
wrd – Weird
wtf – What the f***
wt? – What the?
wb – Welcome back
wyd – What you doing

y – Yes/Why

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  1. Skype is so osm, here r some shortcuts for comp (computer) language.

    h5=high five
    g2g=got to go
    dunno=don’t know
    wazzup=what’s up
    wfh=wifi from home
    cc=coo coo
    the first letter of someone’s name-the last 2 letters eg: m-go=margo
    eg=for example

  2. @osm
    Hi. Thanks for your comments. I have combined them into one and I have moved it to this article (you posted it on other by mistake I assume). Also I have removed all your suggestions that were already in the post. I will include some of your suggestions in the article above.
    Regards :).

  3. @Marie217!
    Hi. Thanks. I added them as well.

    I just want to say to people that suggest more of these to keep in mind that the idea is not to have a full list, just the most popular ones :). Because I know there are many, many more.


  4. bc = busy
    plc = place
    smhw = somehow
    lu = love you
    Kitwu = keep intouch with you
    Iuf = it unfear

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