Display Current Song As Your Skype Mood

Song as mood in SkypeIn this article we will take a look at a way to display the current song, you are listening to, as your Skype mood. The mood will automatically change when the next track begins. To achieve this cool effect we will use the free Skype plugin – ON AIR.

Follow the steps:

  1. Quit Skype and download ON AIR (you can check for a more recent version by visiting the ON AIR website).
  2. Install the program.
  3. Start the program, by using the shortcut in the Start Menu.
  4. ON AIR icon in System TrayA new icon will appear in the system tray area. Open Skype and sign-in with your name and password. Play some music as well (for example in WinAmp or another supported player).
  5. Skype will show a one time message, asking your permission to allow ON AIR to connect to Skype – click Allow Access.

Allow access of ON AIR to Skype

Now when the song changes, your Skype mood will change as well. Also a message appears above the ON AIR icon in the system tray. If you want to hide this message first left click on the icon to open the ON AIR window and then in Tools -> Options uncheck the Display Trayicon Notification Balloon checkbox and click Save.

If you want your mood to be simply the title and artist of the song then go to Mood and delete everything except the code that is shown in the right side of the picture below.

ON AIR Settings

Now all your contacts can see which song you are playing. They could even decide to try it for themselves :P. For even more instructions and help on using the program, please visit the help page in the ON AIR website.

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  1. Hi
    Is there any way to edit the types? I used to use LastFMs plugin that let me set artist/album/title/free text. Skype prevented use of lastFM and now all there is is OnAir. All I want is to display the artist/album/title without all that other fancy useless stuff (font/blinking etc)



  2. @ian
    Hi :). Check the paragraph before the last one in this article. Regards.

  3. @Cat
    Hi. It could work if you go to the options of your player, for example Winamp, and change the way stuff display for each song. You can change it from Artist – Name of Song to something that includes the album. This is for inside the player actually but it could change the mood too. For Winamp you can try this in Options -> Preferences -> Titles. And there you see where you can use the %album% code.
    Now that I think about it this will not be very useful to you even of it works, because you will not be able too the song inside the player. Only the album. But I guess you can at least make both show if you want.

  4. thanks for the heads up and info, however, I’d advise anyone who wants to do this to use the last.fm plugin instead. That way there won’t be a link when the song you’re currently listening to is displayed in your mood.

  5. @Linus
    Hi. This can be removed here as well, I have described how in the article. Thanks for the suggestion though. It is good to have an alternative.

  6. Hey everyone! I was wondering is it possible ON AIR to show only 1 mood message (song I’m playing), and not to spamm my homepage every 3-4 minutes when song ends, so after listening lets say 10 songs I have “posted” 10 mood changes in 40 minutes?
    If you don’t understand what I mean, then try this way: when I listen 1 song and that song ends, I want next song to be displayed in previous mood change, I don’t want 10 mood changes (or shall I call it “10 statuses) for 10 songs.
    Thanks in advance

  7. @Nemanja
    Hi. I do not think that this is possible. You want your mood to change but without Skype registering this change as a new change :). Skype displays every change to the mood.

  8. @Nikolay
    I was busting my ass trying to figure that out…
    Thanks for your fast response :)

  9. Thanks for explaining everything simply. I had installed the program a while ago & also didn’t like the extra text after the title & artist of the song. Thanks to your article, I now no need to worry. Cheers!

  10. Hey, for me this app displays things on the format “bandname: [album name] song name.” I use foobar2000, do you have any idea how I can remove the “album” part?

  11. @Sandra
    I have described it right before the last image in the article (above). Check it out.

  12. @Nikolay

    Thanks for the feedback, but I actually tried that already (wouldn’t have bothered you without actually reading what you posted first :P)
    For me it still displays it as “Artist Name – [Album #track] Title”

  13. @Sandra
    Maybe this is the information inside the title field for the file then. Does this happen for all kinds of songs?
    Also I saw there is a most recent version of the program on their website. If it is a bug it could have been fixed, try using the most recent one if you are not using it already.

  14. @jon
    You are right. I tested it now and I also cannot find a way to fix this. It seems this is the cost to pay for the free program :).

  15. Good little plugin but no good for Sam Broadcaster and Virtual DJ v8 + …. and they don’t answer question on there site. I’ve posted mine for 6 months never had a respons…. soooo its quite a shame.

  16. Hmm this worked great for one day, but now it will not update skype at all (song changes from WinAmp / VLC pop up as expected) – it displays ‘SkypeAPI Connecting’ permanently in its status bar :(

  17. Hi. Haven’t tested it in a long time. Try the latest version of the program from its site or try older version of Skype. I don’t know if the owner of the program is still supporting it and making it work with the latest skype.

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