Hotkeys in Skype

HotkeysMany programs allow us to use keyboard combinations for faster and easier actions. These keyboard combinations are called hotkeys. Skype also has hotkeys and in this article we will take a brief look at them.

With hotkeys you can make using Skype even easier. Of course they take some time to get use to.

For example you can bring up the Skype window very easy and very fast without even moving the mouse. Another action you can do with them is to reject a call. These are just a few examples.

By default the hotkeys are disabled. You can enable them at any time from the settings. To do that you need to first sign in with your Skype name and password, go to the menu Tools -> Options and then in Advanced click Hotkeys. Here you must check the checkbox Enable keyboard shortcuts. After that you need to check those check boxes on the rows you want to activate.

Hotkeys in Skype

You can customize the keyboard combination (which keys to use) by selecting the row and then clicking the button Change selected shortcut. On some actions there are no default shortcut combinations. If you wan to use some of them, you need to come up with your own keys to use. When you are done click the button Save.

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  1. @helmut
    Hi. You want the hidden icons to appear along with the standard ones, right? Unfortunately I don’t know how to do that in the new Skype, but there is a small program that works for the old skype. I have not yet translated the article to English. This is the program ->
    Keep in mind that it is not official software product, it is fan made and not supported anymore.

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