How To Save Your Skype History?

Save Skype historySometimes when we reinstall our operating system, if we are not careful, we lose some of our important stuff. One of these things is the Skype chat history along with our Skype settings. In this article you will see how to backup your Skype history to a save place, so you do not lose it.

To save the Skype history follow these steps:

  1. Open a random folder or Windows Explorer.
  2. In the top of the window, in the address bar input %appdata% and press Enter.
  3. Take the folder named Skype and copy it to a secure location :). It is a good idea that location to be on a different partition from the one you intent to install Windows on, since you will probably format it and therefore delete everything on it.
  4. After you reinstall your Windows, take that folder and copy and replace it in the folder you get to by following step 1 and 2.

Note: This will actually save the Skype history and settings for all Skype users on this Windows account. If there are other Windows users you need to save their folders as well.

Save Skype History

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  1. @Guest
    Hi. I don’t think that installing a separate program, just to export the history is actually easier. But still it could be useful for some people I guess. Thanks for the share.

  2. This website is cool man, really!!!!!i started to like skype more after this….how do you manage to lay hands upon so many things???

  3. @Sweety
    Hi. Thanks for the comment. I am glad you like the site. I constantly work to improve it and with time little by little it gets better and with more content and visitors. The information is from various forums, websites and from my personal experiments as well. Regards.

  4. Skype Historian lets you save the chat logs in a familiar format (TXT, JSON, CSV, XML), it’s not used for backuping the logs after formatting the partition, for example. So yes, it is different.

  5. @Sohail
    You are welcome :) (If you were talking to me and not someone else in the comments :))

  6. Hi Nikolay,
    I wanted to copy my skype history to another computer so I followed your advice (appdata>copy>paste) but it doesn’t seem to work. The folder is where it should be. After I paste the folder what do I do to make skype suck up my history?

  7. @ania
    Hi. I haven’t try to move history to another computer but it should work as well. Make sure you are using the same Skype version on both computers just in case. Also probably the same Windows. Then quit Skype from the first computer, and take the Skype folder from the %appdata% folder. Now on the second computer quit Skype and delete the Skype folder from the same place and put the one from the first PC. Now open Skype and sign in and it should be there.

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