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Even though there are many new versions of Skype, a large amount of people are still using and searching for Skype 3.8. I think that this is basically because of the new interface that is introduced to us in Skype 4. Many people didn’t like the drastic change – why change something that isn’t broken, right :)?

This is why I introduce to your attention the 3.8 version, that can’t be downloaded from The supported operating systems are Windows 2000/XP/Vista and unofficially Windows 7. If you are looking for a different version of Skype and you have stumbled upon this post by accident, please visit our category page Download Skype and choose another version.

For Windows 7

If you are looking for an old version of Skype that runs on Windows 7, then this version should do the trick. Just ignore the message telling you that the program is not compatible with Windows 7 and check on the tick saying do not show this message again (or something like that).

For 64-bit Windows

If you are having problems with the version that I offer you at the top right (, try this one -> Skype

What is new in Skype 3.8?

  • New UPnP implementation
  • Extras Manager version 2.0
  • Your profile picture is by default hidden for users not in your contact list
  • Better sound quality during conversation

Skype 3.8 screenshots

Contact list in 3.8
Contact list in 3.8
Chat window
Chat window
General settings
General settings
Changing data in your profile in skype 3.8
Changing data in your profile in skype 3.8
Finding and adding new contacts
Finding and adding new contacts

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  1. @thomas
    Hi. It does not work, as far as I know. 3.2 kind of works, but has some problems. I tried it on 32 bit Win 8, you can try it too if you want.

  2. Please I really need urgent help. I downloaded skype 3.6 and after the download and installation its always requesting for updates and I don’t want to update but when I click on quit my skype will go off. I tried downloading 3.8, after installation when I log in it will stay for 30 sec and log out. When I check for the comment I saw help in #33, but when I try taking the same process it still not work. Please i need help.

  3. @likky
    First do the stuff I say in comment #17 below this post:
    Then install 3.8 (if you are using 64 bit Windows install, there is a link above in the post on the current page).
    After this disable updates like this:
    If it is still not working well please update Internet Explorer and clear its cache and internet files and try again.
    I hope this helps :)

  4. HI,

    I am ivy from China. Thank you for sharing the older version of skype since i have been scouting this for months on internet…..

    The only problem is that skype 3.8 doesn’t fit into window 7 operation system in my laptop. I am wondering if we could work this thing out.

  5. Hi Ivy. It will work on Windows 7. Ignore messages that say that it is not compatible. If you are using 64 bit Windows then download, there is a link in the post above.
    What error do you get or what happens exactly?

  6. Hi.
    Why any time if i am trying to add my friend outside country they just block my account? Is there any help? I am really tired.

  7. @kwame boateng
    Hi. What do you mean? You are adding someone and he is blocking you? If this is the case I do not why. Maybe this is not the person you think. Check the Skype Name, not the other name. Only the Skype Name is unique. Many people can have the same name.

  8. Hello.
    Please, I need your help. Each time I download skype 3.8 it keeps on going off. Each time I tried to sign in it will close. Please I need your help.

  9. @Abel p
    I would suggest a complete uninstall made with the program Revo Uninstaller. Make sure you choose the Advanced option when you do it because only this will remove everything. After you are done, install Skype again. This solves a lot of problems.
    If this does not help use a program like CCleaner to clean the Windows registry and to delete bad ones.
    If this does not help reset all Internet Explorer settings. One way to do it is with this page:
    If something helps, it will be awesome to tell me which one so I know more about the problem.

  10. Hi. No, it is easy. You just click the button at the top of the page below the facebook button.

  11. I download 3.8 but find it hard to install it. But each time i download the 4.2 it installed successfully. What should i do to install 3.8?

  12. @mike
    Well it depends on what is the problem exactly. Usually it a problem with windows installer of some sorts. Tell me th error you are getting and what windows are you using.

  13. If I download skype 3.8 and if I want to run it on my computer it will say skype has stopped working. I use Window 7 ultimate.

  14. Hi Arthur.
    See comment #149 above and follow the steps there.
    If you are using 64 bit Windows then see in the post there is a link to another version that works better there.

  15. I uninstalled my 3.8 version and install the new version 6.6
    I find it hard to install the 3.8 version again. Each time i install it it will show skype has stopped working. Please help

  16. Hi Mike. Try the stuff from comment #149 above and then install 3.8.

  17. i have tried all the method of your post on how to get my skype to work because it stops working every 30sec plz help me out

  18. @bedman
    Hi. Try removing it completely with revo uninstaller and choose the advanced option in there. This will remove everything (including history).
    First make a backup of the contacts just in case, sometimes rarely they disappear when you do these stuff.

  19. it hasnt worked yet and also i am using a windows 8….plz i need ur urgent help on this tnx

  20. @bedman
    Hi. 3.8 does not work in win 8 (at least when I tested it). 3.2 kind of works, with some problems.

  21. Hi. Let me know more information about the problem. What error do you get, or what happens exactly. What OS are you using?

  22. if i want to run it i wont be able to run it i don’t know why. if i press rus it will load on the process it will stop

  23. @arthur
    I don’t know what your OS is, for example it does not work on WIn 8.
    If it is on another, you can try completely removing it with the advanced option in the program Revo Uninstaller and then installing it again.

  24. if i want to singin my sykpe it will be writting

    skype cannot connect

    try the following

    1 contact your network administrator
    2 restart skype and wait 2 minutes for it reconnect automatically

    please i need solution

  25. new issue: cannnot sign into 3.8. (or 4, or 3.6 or 4.2) – can download and istall, but cannot sign on. can download and sign on to current skype 6-something, but don’t wnt it. have vista. all was ok until 2 days ago. have tried uninstalling, re-installing, resetting explorer, but nothing is helping let me sign on.

  26. Guys, it seems they stopped these versions too. Update to latest skype.

  27. please i dont no why my skype id have been blocking i am in Ghana and if you create the 3.8 and if you are adding people it will block within the few mins please help me

  28. @Hackman
    Hi. Try the new skype. They are shutting down all versions below 6.14.

  29. skype keep blocking me as soon as i start to search with it … what will i do for skype to stop block my account

  30. Hackman if you can help me download Skype 3.8 i will give you username and password and i promise they will not block you AGAIN

  31. please guy am using windows8 can someone help me by sending me the real download link to my Email @ [removed by admin] i hope to have a help

  32. thank u so much! it actually worked :) i’m using win 7 and before i got that error failed to get proc address for getlogicalprocessorinformation (kernel32.dll)

  33. Skype cannot connect. Get help fixing this problem… what can i do to fix this problem so i can be able to sign in my skype account to the old version messenger.

  34. Well, they stopped all the old versions a while ago, so they are not working. You can try finding online some hacked versions that could work, but be careful for viruses and stuff.

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