1. @abrar
    Hi. Hmm… I guess you can’t do that. But tell me what is the problem with the new version, we might fix it :).

  2. What is the problem with my Skype, I downloaded the 3.8 on my computer, when I log in, few seconds after it goes away and log out itself… I can’t use it…. It went off before usage.

  3. Hi,
    I’m BHAVNESH TAILOR from INDIA, GUJARAT, VADODARA. I am unable to install skype’s new version 6.0 and every time error code 2738 prompting. Then, i have installed your requested skype version 3.8 and installed very smoothly, but still i want to upgrade my skype but there is i’m facing problem about error code 2738. So, pls guide me that how can i upgrade skype version smoothly.
    I will be thankful to you.
    Yours friend


  4. @bhavnesh tailor
    Hi. This should solve the problem -> http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9804433
    It is made from Microsoft, install it.
    Let me know if it works or not. I can give you more help if it does not work. Tell me the Windows version and 32 or 64 bit if it does not work.

  5. Yes, I uninstalled it but still unable to install the old version 3.8 (it keeps saying error A later version of Skype TM Beta 3.8 is already installed).

  6. @O butik
    Hi. I am not sure how to fix this, but try the following:
    Quit Skype. Open a folder, type in the address bar %appdata% and hit Enter. Cut the folder Skype and paste it somewhere else where it will be safe if we need it in the future. This will remove your chat history and settings but it will solve problems related to old files with errors. Also you can clean the registry for example with a program like CCleaner. Also delete the folder of the old Skype installation (for example C:\Program Files\Skype). Now try to install again.

  7. Thanks for sharing old version, I had tried to install new version for my Dell Latitude, but found error. Now old version is easily installed, thanks again.

    Yeh one thing more, I have installed skype in my iphone replica, but it does not connect, not only skype but also Facebook application.
    If you have that old version app. of skype/facebook/viber for mobile please let me know and install…


  8. @zoni
    Hi. I am glad it was useful to you. Sorry, I do not have anything mobile related.

  9. I am seeing an error message about compatibility… I would appreciate if you could tell me how to go about it.

  10. @wellington
    Hi. If you are with Windows 7 or Vista you can ignore it and click the checkbox to not tell you anymore. It will work.

  11. Hi.
    Please, anytime I download skype 3.8 it updates self, and when I try to sign up/sign in it disappears. What will I do? Please help out.

  12. @aNiMaL
    Hi. You can uninstall your current version and then install this (or other). You will need to stop the updates if you want to use any version different than the most recent one. There is a link to an article explaining how a few comments before this one.
    And yes you can after that uninstall this version and install 6.1 if you want.

  13. Hi, how are you? I want to download skype launcher but I did not find it. Can you help me plzzzzzz?

  14. I started the download setup. However, the screen and words are showing up super small. Do you know what could be causing this?

  15. @mohamed
    You are welcome :)

    Hi. What do you mean? Is this only on the skype window or on the whole screen? Can you screenshot it and upload it to a free upload picture site and give me the link to see?

  16. I installed the 3.8 version. It keeps minimizing itself! Whenever I pull it up and start to try to use the search option a few tabs into filtering who I want to talk to it blinks out, back to minimize. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  17. @Candy
    Interesting. Haven’t heard about this one. Does it only happen when you try to search or other things trigger it as well? Could it be caused by some combinations of keys that you press while you are typing in the search bar? Did you try to reinstall it? Are you with windows and which version?

  18. @Kelly
    Hi. There is search here as well. In the 3.8 version it is in the menu tools.

  19. Niko,
    I have had several problems on skype, which make me format my Computer several times. I don’t need the newer version, but this very 3.8 that i am using sometimes, automatically stop working. Just few days ago, it just start popping the same error, now i follow your new download, but every time i tried to launch, it says:
    Problem signature:
    Problem Event Name: BEX
    Application Name: SkypeSetup_3.8.0.188_2.exe
    Application Version:
    Application Timestamp: 2a425e19
    Fault Module Name: StackHash_f41a
    Fault Module Version:
    Fault Module Timestamp: 00000000
    Exception Offset: a5d4fd1b
    Exception Code: c0000005
    Exception Data: 00000008
    OS Version: 6.1.7600.
    Locale ID: 1033
    Additional Information 1: f41a
    Additional Information 2: f41ae662e0f7bdd9361f97d2ba54a74a
    Additional Information 3: e35d
    Additional Information 4: e35d4db88f1be288948849704b359926

    Read our privacy statement online:

    If the online privacy statement is not available, please read our privacy statement offline:


  20. @bestborn
    I read a little bit about this problem and I can offer you several things that might help:
    1. If you are with Windows 7 or Vista run Skype as administrator. (If this helps you can make a new shortcut and then in its properties go to compatibility to put the checkbox to run as administrator, so it always starts like that just by double clicking it).
    2. Update Windows
    3. Scan your system partition for errors and fix them (with the integrated error scan in Windows).
    4. Update your Internet Explorer to a more recent version.
    5. Repair the Windows installation
    I hope one of these help :).

  21. @volkoff
    Hi. What do you mean? Do you mean that Skype is closing? Take a look at comment #33. Try the things there (except number 4, since 3.6 is not working anymore).

  22. #33 is not working, anytime i log in it logs me out in seconds. Have tried the compatibility stuff it aint working. Will it work if i use windows xp, because am using home premium windows 7?

  23. @kay
    3.8 works both with XP and with 7 as well. Just to be clear, the compatibility settings have to remove, NOT to be set to work with old Windows.
    Try something else as well. Quit Skype, open a random folder, type in the address bar %appdata% and hit enter. Rename the folder Skype to Skype1. Now try again. This will also remove you settings and chat history.
    Also update your windows. Some older versions were not working with 3.8.

  24. Please help, anytime i open the skype 3.8 and sign in after 3 mins it will close down again. What’s the problem? Any help?

  25. What can I do to stop skype automatically updating to 5.10 when i am happy with 3.8? It happens every time i delete 5.10 and add 3.8.

  26. I have a problem installing skype 3.8 on windows8 coz my win7 isn’t much of a help. Each time I install it, it disappears immediately I signed it and I think there should be a way of working around it.

  27. @Emerald
    Hi. I don’t know if 3.8 should work on win 8, but you might try the suggestions in comment #33. If they do not work you might even rename the whole Skype folder located in %appdata% (after you quit Skype). This will force the creation of new data and usually helps in many cases. (I assume that in win 8 the %appdata%/Skype stuff is the same, I have not tested it).

  28. Hey guys,
    I just would like to say THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! I spent last 4 hours trying to find solution how to get some 3.x version of Skype to Windows 7 64-bit and after about 8 or 10 trials I was totaly desperate and ready to go to 4.2 version.. So I said to myself – last trial. I downloaded your version for 64-bit systems and it really works! There are some malfunctions for example I’m unable to set the level of microphone but that is a small price.
    So again thanks guys you are great!

  29. @Mike
    Awesome :).
    Actually a visitor to the Bulgarian language version of the site (I am from there) told me in the comments (comment #245 from here to be exact) that works for 64-bit. This is when I uploaded it in addition to the and I added this information to the article. Credit goes to him for this tip :).
    I am glad it helped you. Regards.

  30. @Lillian mandy
    Hi. What is the problem exactly? And what device and operating system are you using?

  31. @blaks
    Hi. It is because other people are using a new version. You have to be both with old versions to work. But I think that the person with the new version can still start a video call with you. I am not sure though. Try it.

  32. Hi, have same problem like “Blaks”. Looks like only skype version 4 and upper can make video call, but 3.8 is so easy for my 10″ acer with atom processor. New 6 version always blocks my pc and make my system svch processes occupated over 50% even if skype is showdown. Skype 6 sucks

  33. Hi Nikolay. I am unable to download skype 3.8. When I am downloading, it will stop at 1 secs remaining to download to my computer, why is that?

  34. Nikolay..

    I am using windows 7.. and trying to install older version 3.8 to have ability to search online users.
    I am facing similar issue of Skype closing down abruptly after 30 odd seconds..
    I tried all of above suggestion #33, 104,107.. but it is not helping..
    Is there any way i can get around this?
    Also, with latest version can i search for online contact?

  35. @Anil
    Then try also this: Quit Skype, open random folder, type in the address bar %appdata% and hit enter, rename Skype folder to SkypeOld, open Skype. All history and settings will be gone but it fixes all kinds of problems in the files that the program uses (because a new folder will be created automatically).
    With the most recent version you can search by name, email, and Skype name. What do you mean to search for online contact?

  36. Hi Nik

    thanks for reply, i did try removing the older folder by putting %Appdata%.. it created new folder when i logged into skype.

    still no luck.. it disappears in 30 sec.

    i am looking out for option to search for online contact rather than just searching contact who may or may not be online at that moment..
    in 3.8, you have that option to search by skype status.

  37. Aneel, if you are using x64 windows, then get the version. There is a link in the post above.

    By the way are you sure that you can search only online in 3.8? I am looking at the last screenshot above in the article and I see one checkbox to search people in SkypeMe! status, but it is different from online.

  38. What can i do to prevent my skype being blocked? They do block my skype every day, what can i do to prevent this?

  39. @nerry
    Hi. What do you mean they block it? The word block is used when a user blocks another user.

  40. Hi Nikolay

    Thanks, version .115 worked!!.. the usage of skype me mode i found as below..
    Hope it means you can search ppl who are online..
    IS there any other way to find current online users.. who may not be in your contact list..

    Search people in Skype Me mode. Skype lets you display your online status, and Skype Me mode is an online status that lets the world know you are eager to receive calls and chats from anyone. When you search for skypers, you may want to select the Search People in Skype Me Mode box. Selecting this box guarantees that the people you find are people who want to talk.

  41. @Aneel
    I’m glad it worked.
    When in SkypeMe! status people outside your contact list can contact you (regardless from privacy settings). And yes, you are online. But all other people that are just online without SkypeMe! will be ignored in the search. So there is a difference.
    But I don’t know other way to search for online only. So I guess this is the closest to what you want.

    By the way, is there some problem with submitting comments? I ask because I see people sending two comments as if they think the first one was not submitted.

  42. I have view the previous comments and seen my exact stress. I have the 3.8 but it last for more than 10 seconds before it goes off. I have tried your solution in #33, but don’t even know how to go about the second solution which is creating a random folder….. So I will like you to come a bit down to my level so I understand and try the solution. As for the compatibility, I was able to view it and its off. Please help me. Am seriously counting on you.. Please

  43. @Dani Reynold
    Hi. I have changed the comment to say “open any folder”, this is what I mean. If you are with 64-bit Windows, please use the Skype version, there is a link above in the post.

  44. Hi Nik,
    I am using windows 8 and I had Skype but somehow got deleted, so I am searching for an old version and bumped in hear. I am trying to install 3.8 and it does install but when finish a pop-up says Skype has stopped working I tried both version, p/s help I soooo desperate
    Kind regards

  45. @jerr
    Hi. For windows 8 there are two types of Skypes.
    One is some kind of application, you can get it from here: http://www.skype.com/en/download-skype/skype-for-windows8/
    The other one is the desktop version, but unfortunately the versions below 4 don’t seem to work. Compatibility mode does not help as well.
    BUT I saw now on one place they say that version 3.2 works, I will have to test it.

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