1. dear sir i am Ranjit from yemen
    sir i try many time open new skype account but happen . Please help.

  2. Hi,
    I cannot create my new user account. The new user page comes up in “raw” HTML, and once I enter all my details and click ACCEPT, it just resets, and does nothing.

    Does anyone else have this problem? I have tried with IE 8, IE 9 and Chrome 9.

    Please help!


  3. Hi, James. It loads fine with me :). I tried Firefox and Chrome. This could have been a temporary issue or maybe your internet was slow at the moment. Try reloading the page or try after some time. You can clear the cache of the browsers too. Hope it helps.

  4. HI! sir i’m zain frm pakistan
    i try my best but i never create my account so plzzz help me……..

  5. @zain
    Hi. What seems to be problem exactly?
    Keep in mind that if any field in the registration form is not filled properly it will have a red border when you submit the form. So you can see where is the mistake.

  6. hi
    yea every time i click “i agree” at the bottom of the skype create an account page it always rolls back up to the top and then DAY , MONTH and YEAR are not correct and i am 10 and i want 2 make my own account
    how do u fix that ? Please Help!

  7. @kate jackson
    Hi Kate. I guess Skype has a minimum age requirement. You can just leave this field blank. It is not required to tell your birth date.

  8. hello are from romania
    about a month trying to do my Skype account correctly completing all but you have to write text in the box I do not give Paar nimik than 4 buttons refresh listen nimik give anything goes I tried with IE 8 IE9 work ….. firefox and google chrome I urgently need skype address! what to do?

  9. @andrei
    Hi man. We are neighbors, I am from Bulgaria :).
    But your english is bad. I can barely understand you. You are having problems with the anti bot protection I assume. Try deleting the cache of the browser or something. It should work, I do not know why it does not with you. Also be very careful to write the same letters, they are pretty tricky. Use ctrl and + on the keyboard to see better. Hope that helps.

  10. the site which is given does not work.it says the site “might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.”

  11. Hi Kamal. It works here. Could have been a temporary downtime. Try again now. If still does not work please try with another browser.

  12. Hi! I’m from Bangladesh . Many times I was try but I couldn’t open or create an account on ‘skype’ After fill up all the steps , when I click on the ‘I agree and continue’ bar, but the page show me that ‘please preview show that you have entered’ Now, my question is “What can I do now to solve these problem???????” Please help me at hurry.

  13. Have opened an account but cant communicate with my friends why? I just opened it some hours ago and my friend is online waiting to hear from me. What do i need. I am in Deutschland. Please assist me.

  14. Dear sir , I have downloaded Skype on my I phone but am unable to crate account in it because as my Skype application opens it just show me to sign in … How can I create my account to use Skype ???

  15. Hi!
    Previous skype id and pwd i forgot.
    tried to open again but it is asking me about old ac information.
    I am not recollecting plz.

  16. @shubham
    Hello. Try using a computer to follow the steps in this article and then use the account in your phone :).

  17. @alyiah
    Hi. All of them could already be taken from other users. You may need to add something like numbers or _ to your name to make it unique.
    Another cause could be if are including a character that is not allowed. I have described the characters that are allowed also they are on the Skype page as well.
    Regards :).

  18. dear sir /madam iam having skype but problem is not showing online friend what,s problem …………….
    thank you

  19. @lancy.ivan.pinto
    Hi. Not much we can do about that. It could be bad internet connection but it could be a bug in Skype as well. Only thing I can recommend is for everyone to always use the most recent version of Skype and hope for these kinds of bugs to be fixed.

  20. have try to create an account with skype but when come to type the text I can’t see the display of the text to be typed.please you guys help.

  21. @sam
    Hi. Try reloading the page with F5 on the keyboard. Or open a different browser (for example Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer).

  22. I filled in the form-I’ve tried 5 times now and then opened Skype and tried to log in with my username and password but it says that they’re not recognised can u help me plz?

  23. @Izzy
    Hi. Is there some kind of message or does some of the field names turn red? Try with a different browser.
    Also there could be a temporary problem with this page since I noticed that other people are having this problem. I am sure that if this is the case the Skype team will fix it as soon as possible.

  24. Hi sir, I’m Deep from India.
    Sir, it is my first time I’m gonna open a new account on Skype but every time I faile in this. Many times I tried but I’m not able to get success. Please help me out.

  25. Sir, an option called phone number is given and it asks the country code, even when I give it, it shows error. Plz tell me if it is the mobile no or landline.
    So can u plz help me in doing so to create account in Skype.

  26. @merci
    Hi. The way I see it, it says Mobile phone number and there is a drop down menu to choose the country, and therefor the code, and them you must fill the rest without the country code. Is it different at your end?

  27. @Muhammad Khalilur Rahman
    Hi. I can try. But I will need more information about the problem :).

  28. @Akash
    Hi. I have described this in the step 4 in the article. You must use English letters and numbers and at least 6 characters total. For example “333xxx” will work. But I would suggest a more complex one.

  29. @bintesaeed
    Hi. I am not aware of this option. I see that you can do it with a facebook account though.

  30. @veena
    Hi. I do not think that this is possible. You can sign in with your facebook or microsoft account though.

  31. Dear sir, I want to make the skype id but when I type the password – it did not accept it. It says, your password is too short. So i can’t make skype id. Please, do you have any clue how to solve this problem?

  32. @santosh
    Hi. I edited your comment, since it was in very bad English. As I have said in the article, the password must be at least 6 characters. I guess you are using a shorter one.

  33. Hello sir. I’m also creating a new skype account. I enter my full information but it doesn’t work i had used Uc browser too.

  34. @Bishal
    Hi. Does it show an error message and what is it? Does some fields light up in red? Are you using a mobile device? Try with a desktop PC if you can or also another browser.

  35. Hi i am Gakul Prasad from Nepal.
    I cannot create my new user account. The new user page comes up in “raw” HTML, and once I enter all my details and click ACCEPT, it just resets, and does nothing.
    Does anyone else have this problem? I have tried with IE 8, IE 9 and Chrome 9.
    Please help!

  36. @Gakul prasad
    Hi. The page loads fine for me. It could be a temporary issue or your internet. Is your internet slow? Try doing it when there is less load on it, like early in the morning. Or even try on another computer.

  37. Hello sir, I am Rahat from Bangladesh. Can I operate skype account from my phone. My phone is Nokia.
    Model-5610d-1 (xpressmusic)
    version- java2me

  38. @Rahat
    Hi. Visit m.skype.com with the phone to find out. If it lets you install Skype then you can :).

  39. But it doesn’t do that. But when I decided to create an account, the repeat email option was hidden. But i could see the login bar. After creating a account by computer, can I operate skype?

  40. @Rahat
    Make an account from the computer. You will be able to use it from anywhere as long as the device supports Skype. What does it say on m.skype.com when you open it with the phone?

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