Skype Emoticon Pictures

In order to use these pictures made from skype emoticons, you must select the code in the textarea in the right and copy and paste it in the chat window of skype. Send it to someone and he will receive the image in the left :). At the end of this article you will find a link to a site with many more pictures like these.

Bear with heart

Butterfly made from skype emoticons

Skype devil

The finger

Skype emoticon beer

Skype bunny

Laughing - picture from emoicons


Emoticon heart

Heart number 2
Cute bear made from emoticons
Heart from heart

Many, many more skype emoticon pictures here: And you can also make your own with my awesome and free emoticon drawing tool.

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  1. @brooke
    Hi. I don’t think I can :D. You can try though, just use my emoticon art tool, there is a blue button at the top right of the post where it says Draw Your Own :).

  2. This is so awesome and cool, all my friends on skype where like “woah how do you do that Lachlan” thanks so much so cool!

  3. Awsome JOB, Nikolay… can’t wait for more.. hehe I have created my own design but it was not good enough. lol

  4. @G-ni
    Hi. Just to mention that I haven’t actually made these :). I saw them on that site I mention in post above. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Wow.. Awesome! Been looking for these!! Thank you so much for making all these super cool stuff for Skype.. luv ya!! :* (I’m a Fan NOW!)

  6. If you don’t like a certain symbol choice, just paste into any text progam with a find and replace function. I think you can guess how to modify from there.

  7. Hey man thanks for this!
    But do you think there will ever be a function where you can show the grid but just click the smilies you wanna change instead of uploading a pic? Just because its not very accurate, even with basic pictures.

  8. @Justin
    You are talking about the tool, that is not on this page, right? You can edit it with clicking on the sheet after you upload the image. Is this what you mean?

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