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I noticed that Skype 4.2 is a pretty popular version. I thought that if someone wants the 4 version, he would just search for Skype 4 or Skype 4.0, but it seems that people know about 4.2 and they want it. This is why I decided to upload it here in a separate post.

Actually this is the last version from the 4.x series. After 4.2 is Skype 5.0. So there is sense in the popularity of 4.2 over 4.0. I mean it is the newest that is not from the 5.x series, that some people do not like.

So, in the top right there is a blue button that says Download Skype 4.2, from where you can instantly download the program. It works on Windows XP, Vista and 7. Below you can see some of the major changes in this version as well as several screenshots of the program. To download a different version of Skype, please visit this page: Download Skype.

What is new in Skype 4.2?

  • Ability to transfer an incoming call to a different user
  • Skype Access (using Wifi with Skype credits)
  • A call quality indicator
  • Improved contact importing
  • New welcome experience (starts when you open Skype 4.2 for the first time)

Screenshots of Skype 4.2

Main screen in Skype 4.2

Main screen in Skype 4.2

General settings in Skype version 4.2

General settings in Skype version 4.2

Find and add new contacts

Find and add new contacts

Skype 4.2 - Edit profile

Skype 4.2 - Edit profile

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27 responses on this post

    rick robbins says:

    need 4.2 to use skype with new webcam

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi Rick. You can download it above with the blue button :).

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    Shrdlu says:

    This version does not work. It says “disk full” when you try to log in, and it won’t log in.

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi. Trust me, it works :). Do you have free space on your system partition (usually C:)?

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    rejoice always

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    pod says:

    Thank you a lot brother. Where do you live in bulgaria, burgas or sofia? I hope you are ok and everything is alright with you.

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    sherry says:

    Please, when I use the 4.2 version to make video call, immediately the person will answer my video call, then the video will close down automatically whiles the call is still connected. Please what should I do?

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi. The video calls will not work if the other person has the new 6 version and you have the 4 version.

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    samm says:

    Hi bro, I have the same problem as the last person has, so what we should do bro? Thanks for your help already.

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    I don’t know other solution than for everyone to just use the most recent version. It is the only one that is officially supported. They don’t care for problems with old versions.

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    Great says:

    Dear Nikolay. Please, I have a problem with my skype. I don’t know why he don’t work on my system?? Please, tell me want to do.

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi. What version are you using, what system, ans what is the problem exactly?

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    prince says:

    Why is my Skype always block?? And why can’t i open new skype unless i format my laptop?? Please help me on this….. Thank you

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi. What do you mean by block? You can do a complete uninstall of Skype with Revo Uninstaller by choosing the Advanced option and removing all components that it founds. And then install Skype again. This solves many problems. It will remove your history as well. First backup your contacts just in case:

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    DManzaluni says:

    Many thanks for the download of the last Skype version with the search function. There is no TOOLS button anywhere when I install/start Skype in Windows 8. Is it true that the only update function is with the Microsoft Apps Store? Does this EFFECTIVELY disable Skype 4.2 from updating to a version without search? (Is installation through the store now the only way of installing Skype in Windows 8 and is this the reason I now don’t have TOOLS in Skype or is it hidden somehow?)

    Lastly, is Skype disabling their search function about two years ago the reason WhatsApp suddenly ballooned from a few hundred users to numerous billion at pretty much exactly the same time? Have people stopped using Skype in droves since they disabled search?

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    To stop updates see this:
    There is search in all versions, it is just different.
    You should have Tools menu (not button) at the top with the other menus. Or are you talking for something else?
    For Win 8 you can have two kinds of Skype, one is an app, and the other is the normal desktop program we use on windows 7 and XP.
    About WhatsApp I do not know. But I don’t think that this search thing is that much popular.
    Regards :)

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    Alex says:

    Thank you so much for this download. I had the newer version of Skype, which worked fine, until now. This version of Skype works perfectly on my computer!

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi Alex. You are welcome :).
    You could be able to fix the new version though. Maybe with a complete uninstall with a software like Revo Uninstaller and the advanced option there that removes everything.

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    dk shery says:

    Hi, I have problem to install and opening skype. There is error kernel32.dll get logical processor. What can I do to solve it? Help me plzzzzzz.

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:
    Sachith says:

    Dude When i turned on my web cammera the skype was stuck .
    So what can i do ? HELP ME DUDE PLEASE!

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi Sachith.
    Do the stuff in comment #149 under this page
    If it does not help you might want to try with the latest version of Skype if you are not already using it.

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    Nikki says:

    many thanks bro,,

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    Rabia says:

    i think this version of skype is best and easy in range

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    stefany says:

    Thank you very much for skype 4.2

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    johuyui says:

    why does skype keeping block accounts ?

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    Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o) says:

    Hi. I did not understand the question. Please, explain more :)

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