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Definitely many people didn’t like the new Skype 4.0. The reason was the drastic change in the user interface. This is why Skype 3.8 is still quite popular. Many skype users don’t want to take the time and learn the new interface of skype 4. Actually I was one of them in the beginning, but now I see that the new design is actually easier to use. Skype 4.0 supports Windows 2000/2003 Server/XP/Vista, and unofficially Windows 7.

If you want another version of skype, please visit our category page Download Skype and choose from there. And below on this page you will find a list of some of the new features of skype 4, as well as a few screenshots of the program.

What is new in Skype 4.0?

  • New user interface
  • Video conversations in separate window
  • Categories for contacts (instead of groups)
  • List of conversations you have made
  • Conference calls
  • Option to disable uPnP and Nat-PMP
  • Grade the quality of the conversation you have just made

Skype 4.0 screenshots

Contact list and chat window in skype 4
Contact list and chat window in skype 4
General settings in skype 4.0
General settings in skype 4.0
Finding new users
Finding new users
Edit your profile information in skype 4
Edit your profile information in skype 4

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  1. @roven
    Hi. I do not think there is a skype 4 for mac :). But, yes, I should upload some skype versions for mac. I will do that in the future.

  2. @nua
    Hi. You must connect a web cam first. To start a video call you can click on the little blue video icon that appears on some contacts, the ones that have web cams. Or another option is while you are in a call to click a button called video call.

  3. @Sameer Asad
    You here your voice from the speakers when you talk in the microphone? Is that correct? Does this happen only while you are in a Skype call?
    Try changing the selected devices in the options in Skype: Tools -> Options -> Audio Settings.
    Experiment with all options to see which one works.

  4. @godfred antwi
    Hi. Yes. Take a look at the end of the post, the third screenshot. It is showing how search looks like.

  5. Оne more question admin, I just had a chat with my friend at skype 3.8 and when I downloaded the skype 4.0 it didn’t upload my old friends and I have just lost the contacts of all the names. How can I make it back once again please.

  6. @godfred antwi
    First open any folder and type in the address bar %appdata% and hit enter. Now copy somewhere safe the Skype folder. This is just in case. I will explain later if we need it.
    Now uninstall this Skype version and install the one you had before. Sign in and if your contacts load correctly, you can backup them
    Now you can uninstall again and install the 4 version and restore them.
    If this does not work, let me know.

  7. @don
    I don’t know. Are you getting it from here:
    By the way not all devices support Skype. If you visit the link above with the phone, the site should detect your device and you should be notified if your device is not supported.
    And what is the problem exactly? Are you getting some kind of error message?

  8. Hi, I have a problem with my skype. My friend cannot hear me. My mobile is cross a 27 android. Tell me the solution plz.

  9. @sarwari
    Hi. Well, you can start by making a test call: This way you can know if the problem is at your end or his.
    I have also an article for this problem, but it is mainly for Windows based desktop computers: I assume that you can still see the devices in the Skype options though.
    And just to be sure, you are calling to a Skype name, and not a phone or something, right?

  10. I have tried to add some contacts who are my co-workers, but it was unable to deliver my request to them, why ??? Someone please help me on this.. Thank you.

  11. @Andrei Stickler
    Are they offline? Also try asking them to add you as well. Sometimes there are problems with this thing (and many more things as well). Also resend the request. What version are you using?

  12. hello, am trying downloading Skype 4.0 but keep running for hours now without being successful. what do i do?

  13. Old versions don’t work any more. There might be some hacked versions that work, but I am not researching them and can’t tell you current information on this.

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