Author Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o)

Two Skypes On One Computer

Two SkypesHave you ever needed more than one Skype? Maybe your PC is used by more that one person. In this article you will see how to open more than one Skype at the same time on your computer. Tested in many Windows versions.

What Is Skype?

Skype heartEverybody are using a thing called Skype, but you do not even know what that is? It is time for you to get in the action and to understand what is skype and what it is for. Watch a fun short video that will explain you all you need to know.

Skype 5.0 – Download

Skype logoIt seems that the new skype is here once again. Download for free the new Skype 5.0 and enjoy all the new features and new interface. Also check out some screenshots of the program as well as what is new in the 5.0 version.

Skype 4.2 – Download

Skype logoIt turns out that Skype 4.2 is a pretty popular version. When I found out that it is even one of the most popular I decided to upload it and make a separate post for it. In the post you can instantly download it, check out what is new or see a few screenshots.

Skype 4.0 – Download

Skype logoForget about Skype 3.x, it is time for the new Skype 4.0. Go ahead and download it for free and also see what are some of the new features in this version. Don’t forget to check out some screenshots of the program.

Skype 3.8 – Download

Skype logoYou do not like the new versions of skype? Hey, I hear you. You can download the good old Skype 3.8 instead. Why fix something that isn’t broken, right? Also check out the new features in the 3.8 version.

Skype 3.6 – Download

Skype logoDownload Skype 3.6 for free, which works even with Windows 7 (unofficially of course). This is the reason I uploaded skype 3.6. Check out some of the new features of the program, as well as a few screenshots.

SkypeLauncher – Download

SkypeLauncherSkypeLauncher lets you use two or more Skypes at the same time on your computer. Here you will find different versions of SkypeLauncher, that will work with different versions of Windows, as well as Skype.