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Skype Portable 5.0 – Download

Skype logoIt is time for the 5.0 version of Skype Portable. You can carry it everywhere with you and even start it directly form an USB flash drive, CD, DVD or MP3 player. There is no installation required, just start it and use it right away.

Skype Portable 4.0 – Download

Skype logoDownload the portable version of Skype 4. You don’t need to install it and you can carry it around everywhere with you on a USB flash drive, a CD or other portable media. Start Skype directly from there on any PC.

Skype Portable 3.8 – Download

Skype logoDo you often use public computers? Do you like the 3.8 version of Skype? Download Skype Portable 3.8. This version does not require installation. You can start it directly from your USB drive or MP3 player.