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It is time to add Skype 5.0 portable to the site. You can download it form the blue button to the right where it says Download Skype Portable 5.0. If you want to see what are the new features in the 5.0 version or if you want the normal version you can visit this page.

The portable version is for you if you are frequently moving from one computer to another. You can carry it around with you and you can make sure that your favorite version is everywhere with you. Any portable media will do the job: USB flash drive, MP3 player, CD/DVD and so on. No installation is required.

Usually there are other files except the .exe file, but here in Chat4o I upload only the .exe file. This is how I like it :). It is very clean and simple. I have tested it this way and it works.

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  1. @Xx(finger)xX
    Hi. I am not sure what exactly do you mean. I have opened it on the same computer as a normal skype on win 7 and it seems to be using the same remembered login names and also it shows the chat history. But if you open them in the same time you will have to use the trick in this article. If you want to be super safe you can export a backup of your contacts first or save your history :).

  2. HI Cigaras.
    I tried to find it, but all I found was: few that don’t work, few pages that don’t even have it (point to newest version now), and three that are viruses. So no luck, sorry.

  3. Is there any new way to do it? We can’t log in with microsoft accounts on the portable version 5.0.

    It’s really bugging me since I’m starting a business that requires skype, and a blurry profile picture makes it very unprofessional.

  4. Hi. If you have Virtual Camera software installed, you need to uninstall it. Another solution is to use older version of Skype, like 6.14 (older than that do not work).

  5. I have gain a fatal error problem, if i download portable skype version then this problem is over gone or remove reply plz

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