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How to create a Skype account?

Skype registrationIt is time for you to join the big online community of Skype users, that includes hundreds of millions of people all over the World. Just follow the steps in the article and you will have a Skype account in no time.

Why did Microsoft buy Skype?

Microsoft bought SkypeAs you know, some time ago Microsoft bought Skype for about $8.5 billion. But what are the reasons behind this huge investment? What are the benefits and new opportunities for Microsoft from now on? Find out in this article.

Skype Online Statuses

SkypeMe!Here you can learn once and for all what are the Skype statuses and what does each one of them mean. Take a look at the image that is used to represent each status and also instructions telling you how to change your status.

Skype Alternatives

Skype AlternativesI see that you are tired of using Skype and you are searching for an alternative. It is not the only VoIP client out there. There are many good Skype alternatives – take a look at eight of the most popular ones.

Organize Your Skype Contacts

Skype ContactsDo you feel that the number if your Skype contacts is getting out of control? Is it getting hard to find the person you want to talk to? Bring order in this chaos and organize your Skype contacts now.

What Is Skype?

Skype heartEverybody are using a thing called Skype, but you do not even know what that is? It is time for you to get in the action and to understand what is skype and what it is for. Watch a fun short video that will explain you all you need to know.