Chat Commands in Skype

Skype CommandsFew people know that in Skype there are chat commands. Most of the commands are useful only for group chat. They are fun and give more control.

The commands start always with “/” and after it there is the keyword for the given command. For example if you want to see a list with the commands you can type “/help” while you are in chat with someone and hit send.

Here are some of them:

  • /add [Skype Name] – adds a contact to the chat
  • /call [Skype Name] – starts a call with a given contact
  • /get creator – information for the contact that started the chat
  • /kick [Skype Name] – kicks someone out of the chat, but leaves him the right to return
  • /kickban [Skype Name] – kicks someone out of the chat, and he cannot return
  • /me [text] – writes your name followed by a message in a cool and noticeable way
  • /set password [text] – sets a password for the chat
  • /set password_hint [text] – sets a password hint
  • /setrole [Skype Name] MASTER | HELPER | USER | LISTENER – with this command you can set a role for each user in the chat. For a description for these roles along with full list of all commands plus descriptions go to the Skype support website.
  • /remotelogout – signs you out from every device but this one

The /me command in Skype 5.10

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  1. @nike
    I thought that shonku want me to help with something when I am free :).

  2. @roy
    Hi. While you are in a group chat you can set a password with /set password 123456 for example (so other people can’t join). I assume only the person who made the chat can do this or I guess someone with MASTER role. Haven’t tried it actually.

  3. Hi. If I want to add the person I’m talking to in my chat like this:

    Ben: hello
    Lucy: hello
    Lucy greets her friend.

    (With their names in blue color), do I use the /add [Skype Name] control?

  4. @Anne
    Hi. I am not sure what you are asking. The command /add will just add someone to the group chat.

  5. I would like to find out how to do an action. I’ve seen that one of my friends can do this and the words come up in bold print. I’ve looked on other sites and havent found an answer to this yet

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