How To Delete Skype History

Deleting historyWhen you chat with someone on Skype, everything is being stored in special files.

These files are on your computer (for some time now, Skype stores part if this data on their servers as well – see comment #19).

If you want to delete your Skype chat history from your computer, follow the steps below. In a separate article I have described how to delete the history with only one contact.

Follow the steps

For Windows

  1. It is recommended to first backup your contacts (sometimes they disappear). After that quit Skype.
  2. Open any folder or Windows Explorer.
  3. In the top part of the window in the address bar input %appdata%\skype and press Enter.
  4. This folder contains a folder with your Skype Name. Delete it. This will remove your history and settings.

Where else is this data stored?

Sync with the cloudKeep in mind that every instant message (also called chat message) you send is also stored on the computer of the person that receives it. You can only delete it from your computer.

For some time now, part of the history (the last 30 days) is stored on Skype servers as well. This is why after you delete it and then sign in, some of it might be instantly restored. See comment #19 for more information.

Deleting it from the program options

OptionsThere is an option in the Skype client that allows us to delete the history. My experiments show however, that this is not a reliable method and the data is not removed correctly from all files, even though it stops showing in the chat window.

If this is fine with you, just go from the menu to: Tools – Options – Privacy, and under Keep History for choose the period and click Clear History.

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  1. @Shannon
    Hi. Actually there is a little program some guy made and posted in the skype forums. The thread is gone but I have the program and I have described how it works but I have still not translated the article to English. It is still only in Bulgarian. I can give you the download link though. Keep in mind that the program is not professional and it may not even work properly or with all Skype versions. So first save your history just in case. Here are the download links: for windows 32-bit (normal): and for windows 64-bit:

  2. @colin
    Hi. This happens sometimes, pretty rarely, and it is not a normal reaction to deleting this folder. The same things would have happen if make a reinstall of Windows. The folder would be gone. The contacts are not stored there. They are stored on the servers of Skype. It is a bug.
    But since this happens sometimes this is why I say in the first step to backup the contacts, so you can restore them easily if this happens.

  3. skype 5.10 and win64 didnt work!
    it is an error “Skype 4.x error message: could not load file or assembly ‘System.Data.SQLite.dll’”
    what can I do?

  4. @Tolik
    Hi. You are talking about this article I assume:
    As I said before in the comments there, the program just works for some people and it does not for others. Try running it as administrator. I am sorry I can’t help more. I will be looking for a better way to delete for only one contact and if I find I will describe it instead.

  5. @dermott
    Hi. No. We don’t have access to his history, because it is on his computer. Regards.

  6. Take a look at Delete Skype History program ( [Admin: It is a paid software.] It works with desktop and Windows 8 store app Skype versions. It can remove conversations with single or more contacts which you select. It can also clean all your history. Before every cleaning it creates conversation backups and you are free to restore them whenever you want.

  7. @Anna Muthoni
    Hi. You can right click on the contact in you contacts list and choose Block this person.

  8. follow above instructions and you will see friends folder names you can delete these folders if you wish to remove history

  9. @fred
    Yes, there are other folders there with people that have logged in on the same computer. They can be deleted as well.

  10. When using skype with on a usb flash drive, whenever i log into my skype it loads all the history.. is this somehow associated with my account and how to i remove history.
    I do ind the path you listed, but it’s empty…still i have all my history, no matter which computer i log into.
    How can i delete it?

  11. @Alex
    Hi. Is is possible for the history to be on your flash drive? I am not sure if there are versions of Skype portable that saves it there.
    And are you sure it loads all your history or just the most recent? I think that the most recent is stored on the Skype servers. I experimented with that once. I logged on a new computer and the history from like 2 days ago was loaded from the server somehow.
    It could even be different now.

  12. Hi guys.

    I want to talk about recent changes related to the history. Skype is starting to store chat history on the “cloud” (their servers) so when you go to a new device and sing in for the first time you get some of it (30 days worth) shown there.

    Currently this is not activated with all people and they are still working on it. The bad thing is that after you delete the history files from your computer and sign in, this will happen as well.

    I asked Skype about a way of deleting the data from the cloud and it seems there is no such option at the moment. There told me to fill an online form and send a support request and verify my account identity so they can delete it manually (I have not tested if this will work but remains the only option currently).

    The other way of deleting the chat history is from the options of the program, but I does not clear all the data from all files, this is why it is not reliable. It does stop showing it in the chat window though.

    So that is that. It is pretty much a mess. I hope they add the option to delete from the cloud or even to turn off the could.


  13. I’m sure a “Clear history on server” button would be one of the easiest things to the Skype development team do.
    Why don’t they?

  14. @Sergio
    Hi. Yes, I agree. I even told them in an email to do this. Of course they cannot just do something, they will think for a long time and will consider all kinds of options I assume :)

  15. when i type something and want to delete it 5 minutes later the option doesn’t pop up ???????????????????????

  16. Hi. The deleting is only for some time, yes. I don’t know how exactly it is set up to work but I know that it is not forever.

  17. hi. can anyone can retrieved all my chat history even i already deleted it in privacy options?
    and even in my drive c\chatsync folder.
    can anyone can hack my account?

  18. Hi.
    I really can’t say… But keep in mind that chatsync is not the place where it is stored. I have described above in the article the folder that is used.
    Last time I tested though, if we delete from there, Skype automatically pulled it from their servers and loaded it once more (or at least part of it). So it might be better to delete it from the settings page.
    Also keep in mind that the history is stored on the other person you have chatted with.
    Basically it is very complicated subject…

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