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I haven’t uploaded a new version of Skype for some time now, but it is time to do that. The most recent version is 5.9 and you can download it from the blue button to the right where it says Download Skype 5.9.

At first glance we see that the installation window is kind of different, but the interface of the program is basically the same. Some errors are fixed, like: crashing on Esc key while editing your phone number, few problems with screen sharing, the video preview window not closing even after the video has stopped and many more.

Some new features are added as well. I think that the most important one is the ability to stop the automatic updates. This option was removed some time before and users were not happy. If we wanted to stop the updates we had to do some tricks. But now in Skype 5.9 this can be done directly from the menu Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Automatic updates.

What is new in Skype 5.9?

  • Confirmation message on sending a contact to a group chat
  • Hotkey to make a screenshot during a video call
  • Ability to stop the automatic updates

Screenshots of Skype 5.9

Contacts in Skype 5.9
Contacts in Skype 5.9
Skype Home
Skype Home
General Settings
General Settings
Editing profile in Skype version 5.9
Editing profile in Skype version 5.9
Adding contacts
Adding contacts

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  1. @dougabc
    Hi. Can you describe the problem with more details? Is this to all your contacts or to some? Have you tried to reinstall Skype or use another version?

  2. Sir, I Have Some problem In my Skype these days.. Sir I can Not Hear the other side And the Other side can not hear me… I mean We Can not hear each other…
    I have Used Skype 4.0, 4.2, 5.0, 5.5, 5.11, 6.1, 6.2 бut they all are Not Working well.

  3. Sir, i can install skype again and again when i restart the computer then skype is not working. I have to install skype again when i install your version then the problem is solved and now i am again facing the same problem.

  4. Mate, I had problems with the latest version of skype. Thanks, this version does not make my computer crash. You’re awesome!!!

  5. No, I run the setup, it is updating but when updates complete it is not working. I click on the icon of skype but it is not responding and then I install it again.

  6. @Max McAloon
    Hi. Glad it helped you.

    Hi. Try uninstalling it and then installing. Or maybe even get one of those programs that do complete uninstall, also you may clean the registry with a program like CCleaner. Another idea is to try another version, like the most recent one.

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