Skype Emoticon Art Drawing Tool – Make Smiley Pictures

Skype Emoticon Art Drawing ToolWelcome to my free online tool for drawing with Skype emoticons (also known as Emoticon Art). I have used the new emoticons from Skype 5.5 and above, including the hidden ones.

Just choose a brush (an emoticon) from the palette by clicking on it and then start drawing on the drawing sheet below. When you are done click the button Show the code and in the text field you will see the code. Copy it and send it via Skype to someone and he/she will receive the Skype picture you have drawn.

Emoticon palette

Sheet size:
Emoticonize an image! How?

Drawing sheet

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Select all the code

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  1. I love this website because every time I make a huge smiley all my friends start thinking how did you do that that should of been impossible to make OMG!! That’s great and that kind of stuff but then I just tell them this site and nearly millions of my friends are using it haha best site ever whoever created such a brilliant site thanks best thing in my life and three word best thing ever.

  2. @trisha
    Ah, so that is where the million people came from ;-)
    But seriously, thank you very much for sharing the site with your friends. I am glad you like it.
    Have fun.

  3. why dont you add the new skype smileys

    like (dog) (sheep) (cat) (shieldeflect)…….

    hollest has been removed and fubar to
    cool program just needs to be updated a little that be nice

  4. Hi. Yes you are right. I have this in my to do list. Just lately I haven’t got enough time for the site, since I have been working on additional things. I will do it soon. Thanks for commenting.

  5. This is awesome, I love making emoticon pictures.

    Also i agree that bigger sizes are needed (30×30, 40×40)
    a lot of times im out of room. and maybe at clear tool or a Reset button.

  6. @Minicooper
    Hi. Thanks for the feedback. Bigger sizes can’t fit in the skype window though. Yes, a reset button would be nice. At the moment if you want to reset to all “:)” sheet you can reload the page from the browser.

  7. About what I said in comment #147, it seems I will not be able to work on the site as much as I wanted, so it will not be soon I guess.

  8. I realized that not only you can not use the new emoticons, which was not that big a problem, but also when you make an image file to emoticons, it would use the ones that are removed and not show properly in chat. Soooo I fixed it finally. Everything should work correctly, except I just need to add few more of the new ones, not all of them are in here now. You might need to reload the page or clean the cache of the browser fro the tool to work properly and to use the new files and data.

  9. I really love the emoticon art thingy, but some how when I copy
    the code in the text field , and then paste it
    And send it to my friend on Skype, all the emoticons are in different places.And don’t appear how I wanted it to be. By the way, I was using an iPhone 4 so the screen was much smaller.
    This is a really cool app, but can u tell Skype to improve
    Everything in it pls. Thanks.

  10. @A girl
    Hi :). The person that receives it should view it on a larger window. If the image is 20×20 it should be on full screen. And it is made for desktop computers. I have not tested it on mobile phones.

  11. eyy nikolay….

    youre a beast….awesome man …really really cool mate!!! youre the man!!!respect man….mr brain.

  12. This is such a awesome website! love it so much! the way you put even the ones that are not in Skype’s original settings is really cool

  13. Thanks guys.
    About the missing icons, when I was including the new ones, I didn’t do it all at once. I was going to add the ones later, but things changes for me and I got a job and stopped working on the site. And later Skype actually removed the marvel ones anyway (in most recent versions).

  14. That awkward moment when you’re looking for hidden emoticons for skype 7, then come across this site and find out you’ve been in the same university as the admin. Cheers from Marto from KST group 2 :) (ask mitko if you don’t remember :))

  15. @Martin
    Hi. I remember you. I even have you in skype :). Good to hear from you.
    How weird it is to write in English when we have the same native language :D. It is a rule for the comments on this site though :).

  16. Wow Great job this thing is awesome btw want to know if you could add something to change the background all at once and delete some emoticons

  17. Hi.
    I haven’t add such a feature unfortunately. And also I have stopped debelopment, so that how it stays for now.

  18. love the website! but you should be able to have a reset or undo button. but i still really enjoy using this website! cheers.

  19. @Awesome pants
    All good ideas, but unfortunately I had to stop working on the site and focus my time on other things, so now it is just sitting here I do not improve it :).
    Thanks for leaving a comment (two actually).

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