How To Use Skype From A Browser?

Imo logoSometimes you need to use Skype but the computer you have access to does not has it. Some computers are even intentionally set up in way that makes it impossible to install any programs. If only we could start Skype from a website within the browser. Well, I am happy to let you know that this is possible with the awesome and easy to remember website

IMPORTANT!! does not support Skype anymore. Use this: lets you sign in with your Skype account and use Skype from the browser for free. This way you don’t need to download and install anything and you can use it from any computer with internet and a browser.

Supported IM networks

When you visit you will see that you can not only log in with Skype, but also with your account in MSN, ICQ, Google Talk or others. To use Skype click on the Skype icon, fill in your Skype name and password and click Sign In.

Skype login with

After you sign in look at the right. There is your contact list. One click on any of your contacts will start a chat window. At the top of it there is a call button.

It’s surprising that Skype does not have that kind of feature on its website. Many programs similar to Skype have this in their websites.

When you are done using don’t forget to Sign Out by clicking the top right icon and then Sign Out.

Sign out from

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  1. I love IMO and it works with a lot of accounts including AOL but if I recall – the video chat only works if the two people connecting are registered on their site ????????

    Why is anyone still using Skype when Yahoo is much better than it. My first problem with it comes from the fact it fails to allow you to remove a user name from the native application after you used it. ( for example … at a internet cafe ) The second fail is that it fails to have access to it via a web browser like mentioned in the above post. A additional fault that it refuses to allow you access to your full profile unless using their program and they deny you the ability to change account information later anytime after you link it to a mailbox including something simple like the user name.

  2. @Skype is Trash
    Hi. I actually haven’t try the video call feature, I just saw it is there. I tried to try it :D now but I still do not really understand how it works.
    And about Yahoo being better I cannot comment on that because I am not familiar with it. Either way keep in mind that not always the best is the most popular :).

  3. Thanks! I am using it when I do not have time (or RAM, or permissions) to chat with friends! Thanks a lot!

  4. I think the Imo site is a great way to use the different messengers, in a browser, but there is one thing I noticed about Imo when I use it for Skype.
    The messages are almost ALWAYS delayed.

    Someone sends me a message and it was sent 10 minutes ago.
    It’s making the conversation really unnatural and we are always losing track on what was said.
    The person I talk to is using the actual Skype program to chat, but I use Imo to talk to them.

    I will have to look at another way to talk to them, other than using Imo, I’m afraid.

  5. @MrMister
    Hi. It is possible. However, I have heard this happening many times in the Skype client as well. It could be also cause by the internet connection between the two contacts.
    By the way there is one more site like imo ->
    I haven’t tested it though.
    Thanks for commenting.

  6. Unfortunately, effective 1-st May Imo no longer supports Skype! :( Microsoft rules!

  7. @xseon
    Hi. Yes, at the moment it does not work. I am not sure if this is permanent and what is the reason. For now people can use the site PLUS.IM

  8. Nice, I can’t get Skype on my normal Kindle Fire not HD so I downloaded IMO after I saw this. Thanks it really… I mean Really helps!

  9. @Skype_Master
    Cool. But I assume it is not working at the moment since they can’t connect to the Skype server.

  10. I tried and it kept disconnecting, although I did use it before and it worked, now Skype did something to prevent it from working. Skype is a malicious software that they will only let you use if you allow them to access your computer to steal all your information. After I signed up for Skype I started getting spams in the 10,000 per day range and had to change all my emails and delete them from accessing all my personal information. I would not use Skype unless you relish being used by them by pimping your personal information for profit. That is the true nature of how they really make their money.

  11. @rob
    Hi. Probably someone else is sending you the spam. You must have used the email somewhere else as well.

  12. @Abdul Rehman
    Hi. I don’t know about that. It could be the case that it is not possible.

  13. Dear Mr Nikolov
    Imo does not seem to provide further access without registering any imo account first. Is it possible to find out an alternative?

  14. @Fabrizio
    Hi. Currently I can offer you the site But I am not sure if it will continue to work after this month, I am waiting to see what will happen after the changes they are going to do this month to the API.

  15. @Maia
    Thanks for the info, but it seems OK now. It has it when I checked and I logged in and all.

  16. The IM Plus site as mentioned by Admin ( Nikolay, that seems to be doing a great job of responding to people and impressed me by attaching the date to the beginning of the post unlike many so called writers ) does show the SKYPE logo on their home page with assumption that means it works or at least at this time. Why are you all using SKYPE anyway with them constantly trailing other messenger service providers that been available for years through a browser. I wonder if they even provide full encryption because I assume Facebook does since they offer an entire protected session, maybe even YAHOO does this now after making their switch to the more secure protocol in February.

  17. After Note :

    I just want to applaud the original post again to providing information that stays true to the WITHOUT INSTALLATION claim described in the beginning because many other sites ( that got no real tech expertise, only reposting information they stole from another page ) are directing people to the Microsoft plug in but that also is a download that can be disabled by administrators.

    Sorry to say that the IM Plus is old by maybe two years now so nothing new here for me but I still comment on details I find if I got a few minutes.

  18. Is there another website like where i can you skype chat on the same way? Although suits me perfectly, i see that it does not work properly in some moments. For example, today all my contacts are offline, no matter what I try. I switched to another browsers, try to log-in log-out many times, to write to those contacts, but anything works.

    I’ll be very happy if there’s another alternative of Still, cheers for the provided information, I learned about thanks to this article!

  19. @Riki
    Hi. I searched for another one, a while back, and I did not find. I actually thought that this will stop working too, because the API (that I think they use) was going to shut down, but I guess it is still working. It is not perfect, yes.

  20. Yeah isn’t working for me anymore. It keeps giving me a “authentication failed. check login/pw” error but there is nothing wrong with my credentials. Has anyone found any alternatives?

  21. Hmm… Yeah. It is not working for me too at the moment. Will keep an eye on it to see if they will fix it…

  22. I found another way to use skype from the browser, the official one :).
    So we need to link our account to a microsoft account ( and I think we need this thing too ( I did all this and it worked. Then when we sign in to the microsoft mail ( there is in the top a chat icon and at first there is nobody there, but when someone on skype sends us a chat message without us being on skype it is received in the browser.
    So yeah… It is complicated and has bugs already :D
    But it works and you don’t really have to use the mail for something else…
    I will still be testing it.

  23. That doesn’t really help the people who don’t have the ability to download a plugin and install it. My work computer blocks all attempts to install other software for example.

    I’m desperately looking for an alternative website where I can still use the Skype messenger.

  24. I have tried also, but for some contacts I couldn’t send a message. They look offline whereas actually they are online. And there was a message “failed to send message” when I sent a message to some contacts.
    Any one can help me on this?

    Many thanks.

  25. @Lieuwe
    I see…. Well, I have not found another site like these, unfortunately. You can try the portable skype versions
    They do not have any installation process and should work if you don’t have rights to install software. You can even run them from a usb flash drive. You can preinstall a newer version on a usb flash drive from home if the old ones don’t work already. Get the most recent portable version from here install it on the usb flash stick from home, and then use it anywhere without installation.

  26. @cahyo
    Hi. Are you talking about chatting from skype in the microsoft mail? If yes, I guess it has bugs too… Nothings seems to be working properly anymore :(

  27. IMPORTANT!! Currently does not support Skype because they have connection problems (or something like that). You can use this site instead:


    The site too does not have login for skype, although it has login for other IMs…

  28. @maan81
    Hi. Yes, you are right. I updated the blue message above with a link to an article describing how to do it via Outlook.

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