Author Nikolay (Admin of Chat4o)

Skype 6.6 – Download

Skype logoOn the 3-rd of July 2013 came out the 6.6 version of Skype for Windows (desktop versions). There are no major changes. The most significant ones are related to the placement of the video message button. Except that there are several bugs and problems fixed..

Facebook Emoticons for Comments

Blue EmoticonIn this page I have published a list with all emoticons for Facebook, that will work everywhere: in comments, posts, chat and messages. Just copy their code, publish it anywhere in Facebook and it will be turned into the corresponding image.

Skype 6.5 – Download

Skype logoOn the 5-th of June 2013 Skype 6.5 for Windows (desktop versions) was released. The main new feature is the ability to record and send video messages. Several bugs were fixed as well. Read the post to see more information and screenshots.

ASCII Art for Skype

TextHere you will find many interesting text pictures that I gathered from various websites on the web. They are made from different ASCII symbols, that together make a fun image (like a face or an animal for example).

How to Defragment the Hard Drive?

Hard DriveThe hard disk is the slowest part in the computer. Thanks to a process called fragmentation, with time it becomes even slower. In order to avoid this we need to periodically defragment it. Here is how to do it in Windows 7 or XP.

How to Recover Lost Skype Contacts?

Missing contactsSometimes, after an update for example, Skype is not showing your contacts. In this article you will see a few solutions to this problem. At the end I have included a tool that can show you a list of your missing contacts.

Skype 6.3 – Download

Skype logoSkype 6.3 is out for some time now. This version doesn’t have any major changes. Some bugs are fixed and some various improvements are made. A new problem has also occurred – the birthday notifications are not working for now.

Skype Avatars (858 of them)

AvatarWant to download some awesome Skype avatars? I have collected here 858 avatar images, that you can easily download in one archive file. I have also included instructions on how to change your avatar in Skype, just in case you need some help with that.