1. @s**y GirL
    Hi. I had to censor your name a little, because of ad policies.
    There are some: (heidy) (hug) (bug)

  2. Nope. But a cat shows if you press the 3 keys at the same time: C+A+T. It is not an emoticon, it is like a hidden trick or something.

  3. Hi :)

    Is it possible to add these new icons onto Skype so I could just click onto the emotion tab and have the new ones added in?

  4. @Laura
    It is possible if someone makes a program that makes this. There is one such that only works for older versions like 3.8 but it doesn’t even add them all. For newer versions I do not know a way.

  5. Hi, thanks for uploading this. It really made my friends go ‘wow’ or ‘cool’ or ‘how did you do that!’ Thank you again.

  6. Hi, this is Skype_master. Different email btw.
    I am thinking about degrading my Skype. Which is the best one, do you know? xox Thanks!

  7. @meow
    Hi. Don’t know. I marked them as removed because I can’t make them work on any version I try, but I have seen them on other websites, so I know they must have existed.

    Hi. I am not sure if there is a best one. Everyone just uses the one he/she likes. I think people downgrade mainly for the way the program looks and for some features that they need and that have been removed later. So it depends on the reason for your downgrading. I am just using the most recent version.

  8. Do you know what does the oliver skype emoticon says? I see the yellow head saying something… what is it?

  9. @HERNAN
    Hi. I don’t know. I don’t even know where the idea for this oliver guy came from…

  10. Why did they stop using games between each skype user? That was the main reason I used skype. I had a great time playing games through skype against my girl. Can you please assist??

  11. @Doodoo
    Hi. To have the Extras you both need a version before 5.3. Since 5.3 they are removed.
    They should work then, but I have not tested it.

  12. Hey guys can you make 2 for me? Would be a blast 1 in a jacket like Hugh smoking a pipe and 2 one coughing so it could be put in the rightful order. Come on you guys can do it?
    You rock this [censored]

  13. @Les Hawkins
    Hi. Well, we are not making these up :). They are in the program and are made by the developers.

  14. @Mystery
    Hi. Yes, you press C + A + T in chat and hold them. Works with other combinations of keys but not all though.

  15. @Vigorniensis
    Hi :).
    I don’t see a country code for them in the iso standard. I am pretty sure there is no icon for their flags. But you can suggest to add them at this email if you like: contactus@skype.net

  16. The CAT emote is non-sendable and evolved because some people have cats walk across their keyboard. It’s a little easter egg… nothing more…

  17. @car
    Hi. You can’t actually send it, it just appears for a while and disappears. If you mean you cannot even make it, are doing it right? Press and hold C, while holding, press and hold A, while holding both, press and hold T. This works for me. But I don’t know if it works on all versions though. I am with 6.6.

  18. Hi
    I really want the Tuari emoticon! Its one of my favoruite ones, its a shame they removed it! I’ve also tried to do the cat smiley but it doesn’t work! Are there any different ways of doing it?

  19. For some emoticons there are various shortcuts that are not mentioned, for example, laughing is :D and also (lol)
    I recommend to add “Test account” to your contacts and try it out on your own. To answer coolio, mooning is pretty naughty! ;)

  20. @michael
    Hi. Yes, there are other variations that make the same icon, but I don’t think it is necessary to include them all. What is important is to have all the emoticons :).

  21. (talktothehand)

    version 6.14

  22. I haven’t yet upgraded to 6.14 but I will do it soon and I will test them. Thank you for this information.

  23. New ones are added guys :). There is even a cat and a dog now. Many sponsored by Marvel too.
    Thanks Hana for letting me know.

  24. Thank you so much for this. I was really weirded out because I have the 6.14 smilies and none of my Skype pals do and I was starting to wonder if I was insane. XD Nope, just more smilies, newer Skype.

  25. @DinoLover1231
    Hi. I assume because they are kind of inappropriate and offensive. When you are such a big company all kinds of organizations start to protest against these kinds of things. And let’s not forget that many children use these icons, so yeah…

    @Freaks and Frills
    Hi. Yep, you are sane :)

  26. Hi I was wondering,
    My skype is updated to version 6.14 and…
    1.) I still don’t seem to be able to use the later emoticons (eg When I type (dog) it doesnt work, etc.) Is that normal?
    2.) I’ve been hearing a lot about C+A+T and I’m not sure what it’s supposed to do, and I don’t see anything when I try it.
    3.) I’ve seen a recent message about version 6.20 so i’ve tried to update my computer, but It says my skype is already updated to the latest version (My skype is version 6.14, mentioned earlier)

    Can you please help me?
    (WOW so formal…)

  27. Hi Person :)
    1. All emoticons don’t work or only the new ones? If all, see if they are enabled form the options. Go to menu: Tools – Options – IM & SMS – IM Appearance. Check the box Show emoticons and save the settings.
    If this is not it, I would recommend to try the things in comment #149 on this page https://en.chat4o.com/skype-3-8/
    2. This is how it always works for me: Open chat with someone, press C and hold. While holding it press A and keep holding both. Now press T as well, now you are holding all three. The cat appears for a while, you cannot send it like the others. It works on 6.14 as well.
    3. I do not know about 6.20, the most recent official one is 6.14. I am talking about version for Windows desktop.

  28. I don’t know about hollest. I read that this was the name of some woman that is CEO at Skype.

  29. the fubar one should have just been given a new name it really had nothing to do with the actual meaning behind fubar in the first place

  30. If you find out any more guys could you please tell me, Robin Tuli tell me if I can help you too.

  31. Any emoticon can be viewed as offensive to someone by someone. (mooning) (fubar) even the kissing one because it looks like a womans lips. Quit being to PC and grow up or grow some thicker skin.

  32. Hi.
    See comment #336. There the second thing I talk about is how to do the cat. Also keep in mind there is a new cat icon too since the 6.14 version. You send: (cat)

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