How To Make A WeeMee Avatar For Skype?

WeeMeeAre you tired of your boring avatar? Make a highly personalized WeeMee Skype avatar. Choose between many hair styles, clothes, accessories and other settings and create the perfect WeeMee avatar, that describes you best. First we need to visit a website, where we will do all the settings, and then the site will generate an image, that we will download and use as an avatar.

Follow these steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the big green PLAY NOW button.
  3. Choose the initial settings and click Get dressed now.
  4. Initial settings of a WeeMee

  5. A drop down menu appears above. Click on All Items to see a list with all the categories with elements you can change. Open the first one – Hair styles.
  6. Choosing clothes and accessories

  7. You can choose a hair style by clicking on it. When you click it – to the right appears a box with additional color options. Also let’s not forget the Next and Prev buttons below. They let you see even more hair styles.
  8. When you are done use the drop down menu to go through all the categories and do the same as before.
  9. When you are all done click the green button to the right that says Save, fill in the date of birth and click Next.
  10. Fill the form (remember you weemee name), click Next and then Finish.
  11. Registration in

  12. In the following address replace the XXXXXXXXX part with the username you used in the previous step. Now visit the address with your browser and download the image. You may have to right click on the image and click Save image as… if the download process does not start automatically. Now we have the file and all that remains for us to do is to set it as a profile picture in Skype.
  13. If you are with Skype 4 or newer: Open Skype and log in with your user and password. In the menu Skype choose Profile and then Change your picture. In the window click the button Browse… and find the file you downloaded and then click Open and OK (or Use this picture if you are with Skype 6).
    If you are with Skype 3.8: In the menu File choose Personalize and then Change your picture. In the window click the button Browse… and find the file you downloaded and then click Open and OK.

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  1. when i save the message appeared like this :
    There was a problem with the information provided by the Skype partner site. Please contact our customer support.

    what’s a problem ?

  2. @kiwill
    Hi. You can try with another browser. Or it could be not working anymore. I haven’t try this in a long time. I will have to test if it still works. I will leave a comment when I do that. Probably tomorrow.

  3. @kiwill
    It does not work here as well. I have contacted Skype to ask what is up and I will post a comment again when I know something.

  4. It seems that the service is not available anymore. Skype confirmed this information. I will see if I can find another way to make the avatar without being redirected to the Skype website and I will update the article if I find such a way. Otherwise I will delete the post.

  5. Hi guys. I found another way to do this so I have updated the article with the new process. It is a little different but it is still free.

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